13 Amazon Exclusive Brands Added to TJI Amazon Brand Database

We’ve added 13 Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” to the TJI Amazon Brand Database. The new brands we’re seeing are across health care, automotive, cosmetics, and more.

The new brands are:

  1. Clean Revolution – cleaning products
  2. innoHaus – blood pressure monitors
  3. Mudflower Cosmetics – cosmetics products
  4. Mystic Botanicals – hair care products
  5. Nu Smiile – oral care products
  6. Sacred Shea Skincare – skin care products
  7. AKOA (UK) – activewear
  8. MotoDia (UK) – car tools
  9. Pro User (UK) – car cameras
  10. Probus (UK) – baking accessories
  11. Safe Travel (UK) – car mats
  12. VQue (UK) – women’s pullovers and sweaters
  13. Windsoroyal (UK) – jackets and gloves

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