15 Photos and Observations on the Amazon 4-star Store in Suburban Denver

Thus far, reviews of Amazon 4-star have ranged from, “It’s the place to find things you never knew you needed,” to, “It’s a confusingly random assortment of items,” to, “It’s all an ad for Amazon Prime.”

We went to the new Amazon 4-star in the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, 20 miles south of Denver on a random Tuesday evening. It’s one of just three Amazon 4-star stores to open thus far. Here are some of our observations.

The store is located on the second floor of the mall, across from a Macy’s and a Tommy Bahama.

Selection is heterogeneous from shelf to shelf. For example, stationary, beauty, and gifts for pets are adjacent on one wall.

An entire wall section is devoted to Hallmark greeting cards.

An island is set up featuring Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. There is also another table just devoted to Ring devices.

Another island is dedicated to iRobot devices. It’s the only island or table dedicated to a single non-Amazon brand in the store.

A table features top selling local items. The selection here is also heterogeneous. A smoke + carbon monoxide alarm, a Reese Witherspoon book, Samsung MicroSDXC cards, and clicker pens are adjacent to each other.

Another table is devoted to Amazon exclusive items, primarily toys.

A table near the front of the store is devoted to additional toys.

Another table near the front of the store is devoted to Amazon private label home decor items. For example, ceramic bowls from Stone & Beam.

Another table is devoted solely to AmazonBasics private label goods. This table primarily features kitchen accessories.

Here’s a close-up of the AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven and its accompanying information card. “Looks like a Le Creuset,” one browsing customer commented.

Multiple tables are devoted to highly rated books. Prior to opening, Amazon said this store was going to be an Amazon Books, presumably in an effort to keep the fact that it was going to be a 4-star store under wraps.

Price tags display item titles, star icons, star rating, review count, non-Prime-member price, and Prime-member price. A bar code is on the side.

This is the staff area for checkout. We didn’t see a lot of in-store purchasing happening during our visit. Staff were usually out and about in the store talking to customers and arranging inventory on shelves and tables. A lot of customers were taking pictures of items in the store, presumably to consider purchasing them later.

By the entrance/exit is a HappyOrNot customer feedback station. Kids seemed to enjoy pressing the buttons multiple times on their way out.