17 Amazon Exclusive Brands Added to TJI Amazon Brand Database

We’ve added 17 Amazon Exclusive brands to the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

It’s the first time we’ve seen brands in the small appliance market. We’re also seeing several new furniture brands, and gaming accessories. All worth keeping an eye on.

The new brands are:

  1. Alpha Mats – exercise mats
  2. Brampton – outdoor furniture
  3. HomeVolts – small appliances
  4. Hunter’s Tail – sporting goods
  5. iMW – gaming accessories
  6. JC Home – furniture
  7. Kruz Pet – pet accessories
  8. Luby – small appliances
  9. LyricLyfe – music themed clothing
  10. Pioneer Square – furniture
  11. Pomona Organic – juices
  12. Rainier – gas appliances
  13. Red Hook – furniture
  14. Rockpoint – furniture
  15. Sunday Oasis – women’s activewear
  16. Taylor + Logan – modern furniture
  17. Tenten – smart plugs

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