3 Amazon Private Label Brands, 24 Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” Added to TJI Amazon Brand Database

We’ve just added 3 Amazon private label brands and 24 Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” to the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

The new private label brands that we’re seeing are in apparel in India, where Amazon is continuing to invest heavily and expand selection. The brands are:

  1. Jam & Honey – children’s clothing
  2. Symactive – men’s athletic wear
  3. Tavasya – women’s kurtas

The new Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” that we’re seeing include 20 new brands in the US and 4 new brands in Europe. As usual, they span all categories from apparel to furniture, dietary supplements, and household goods.  These brands include:

  1. Aniu – silver jewelry
  2. AOOM – women’s athletic wear
  3. Avira – dietary supplements
  4. Bayinbulak – outdoor hats
  5. Bokman (UK) – phone parts and accessories
  6. Desirable Time – women’s athletic wear
  7. Dollcent – blankets
  8. Elbbub (UK) – skin creams
  9. H2Oxy – LED lights
  10. Jack Walker – hiking boots
  11. Molemsx – women’s swimwear
  12. Nova Lucia – nutritional supplements and oils
  13. Nuovo Design – leather bags
  14. Outdoorgo – jackets and fleeces
  15. PureFit – furniture covers
  16. Rugbuggery – rugs
  17. Runway Robe – robes
  18. Samit (UK) – bags and accessories
  19. Sleep Mantra – pillow cases and mattress tops
  20. Sunew – socks
  21. Tissaj – bags and covers
  22. UFI – outdoor furniture
  23. Valenchi – leather wallets
  24. WXXM – socks

In general, Amazon continues to invest in expanding its exclusive brand program at a substantial rate, as we are now tracking over 600 Amazon Exclusive brands overall. These brands are being marketed in regions around the world, with the most brands Amazon Exclusive brands currently being marketed in the US.

We’ll continue to track Amazon’s ongoing private label and exclusive brand efforts here at TJI Research.

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