6 Amazon Exclusive Apparel Brands Launch (and 1 More Re-Launches) in the US

As we get closer to the holidays, we are seeing new Amazon Exclusive brands continue to launch.

Just two weeks ago, we saw 10 new Amazon Exclusive apparel brands launch before Black Friday, followed by the launch of 5 more just after Thanksgiving.

Now, we’re seeing 6 new Amazon Exclusive apparel and accessories brands that have just quietly launched. They are:


  • Lake Como Scarves – scarves
  • OTTO Leather – leather accessories
  • Retro Shoes – men’s shoes
  • Ruby Diva – women’s tops
  • The Knitwear Lab – men’s sweaters
  • Wild Hazel – women’s dresses and tops

In addition, another Amazon Exclusive brand that previously had launched in the US, but then shut down, has quietly re-launched in the US.

Red Wagon is an Amazon Exclusive children’s apparel brand that has also launched in the UK, where it carries a wide selection of hundreds of items. The Red Wagon brand disappeared from the US store in August, but has just come back with a few apparel items.

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