A Few Updates on AmazonBasics Private Label Children’s Toys

Last month, we found several new AmazonBasics private label toys for toddlers and kids listed on Amazon.com.

After we found them, Amazon removed the item listings. Here is what we’ve found since then.

First, Amazon has since restored one of the product listings that it originally removed — the AmazonBasics Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer. That item is now for sale (with two color options) and has half a dozen Vine reviews from late December listed on its product page.

Second, we believe Amazon is planning on releasing the other items it posted and then removed in the relatively near future. We will follow up again if and when they start shipping.

Third, Amazon added an additional AmazonBasics toy to its site, called the AmazonBasics Soft Play Barrel, but has apparently just removed that item as well. We did grab a screenshot of the product page for that item, which is below. Like with the other AmazonBasics toys that Amazon added to the site and then removed, the listing for the Soft Play Barrel says the item is intended “for a playroom at home, a day care center, or a preschool classroom.”

In general, we think private label toys for young children represent an area that Amazon should be able to gain traction in. While toys aimed at older children are often branded with licensed IP, toddler toys are more generic. That being said, we could see Amazon moving into several categories of toys for older children as well.

On the whole, Amazon continues to ramp up its private label and exclusive brand selection across retail categories. Amazon is hiring both in the US and internationally to support this effort, and is growing the volume of exclusive private brands it offers through the Amazon Accelerator program.

This past November, Amazon mailed out its first printed holiday toy catalog to millions of customers. Amazon said that customers ordered over 18 million toys on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon has been featuring Amazon Exclusive toys in its new Amazon 4-star retail stores as well.

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