About TJI Research

About TJI Research

TJI Research provides information and analysis about Amazon across industries. Executives, entrepreneurs, and analysts in technology, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and more rely on TJI to understand what Amazon is doing and where it is going. TJI was founded by Justin Smith. TJI is an independent service and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon.com, Inc.

TJI Research is cited in business and technology media and trade journals around the world. Recent citations include:



Justin Smith, Founder

TJI Research was founded by Justin Smith, a technology entrepreneur and analyst.

Justin is the author of all reports produced by TJI Research. He is also the author and editor of the TJI Amazon Brand Database, the TJI Amazon Product Database, the TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map, and the TJI Amazon Healthcare Overview. Justin is motivated by the challenge of tracking Amazon’s uniquely diverse initiatives across platforms and industries.

Prior to TJI Research, Justin founded Inside Network, a research and media firm focused on the social and mobile ecosystems (acquired by WebMediaBrands). As a trusted analyst, Justin has been cited by publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NPR, and BBC.

In addition to developing research practices focused on emerging platforms and marketplaces, Justin has also been an operator in the growing industries he has covered, leading product management and operations in fast-growing startups. Justin was an early employee at Kabam (acquired by Netmarble and FoxNext), Xfire (acquired by Viacom), and Bring a Trailer (online auction marketplace for special interest vehicles).

Justin earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University. Justin is on Twitter @justinsmith.


Why TJI Research?

Amazon plays a growing or leadership role in a wide variety of consumer and commercial industries, including online retail, physical retail, internet infrastructure, media production and distribution (across television, film, music, books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, gaming, streaming, and more), consumer electronics and software, smart home services, building automation and security, global and local logistics networks, payment tools, advertising services, government services, and more.

However, despite its size, it is still relatively difficult to find information about and understand Amazon. Amazon publishes relatively little data itself, giving analysts very coarse insights into the business. Given the unusual breadth of Amazon’s operations, journalistic coverage is relatively fragmented and scattershot. Bottom line — from groceries to advertising, from the Alexa ecosystem to the apparel ecosystem, from medical AI services to satellite services — it’s just difficult for interested parties to keep track of and understand everything going on at the company.

More broadly, Amazon is at the forefront of several technological and economic trends which have long been sources of social anxiety but are now becoming an integral and ingrained part of the systems that billions of people rely on in their daily lives — including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, increased reliance on the “public cloud,” the changing retail landscape, and the tensions of globalization and urbanization. In addition, Amazon is now the second largest private employer in the United States (to Walmart), and is a vendor to a growing number of federal and local government agencies. Politically, Amazon has become a regular part of the American national conversation given the interest that elected officials are taking in the company. And locally, government officials around the US and world are lobbying the company to place new parts of its ever-expanding physical infrastructure in their cities and regions.

Whether you are an executive or employee of a business in one of Amazon’s spheres, a government official, or an analyst, we hope you will find TJI Research valuable to your work.



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