About TJI Research

About TJI Research

TJI Research provides information and analysis about the business of Amazon. Executives, entrepreneurs, analysts, and professionals rely on TJI to understand what Amazon is doing and where it is going.

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TJI Research is cited in business and technology media and trade journals around the world. Recent citations include:



Justin Smith, Founder & Analyst

TJI Research was founded by Justin Smith, an analyst and entrepreneur.

Previously, Justin founded Inside Network, a research and media firm focused on the social and mobile ecosystems. Inside Network provided news, research, and data services tracking the rise of Facebook and social networking from its early days. As lead analyst, Justin has been cited by publications including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the New York Times, NPR, and the BBC.

Justin also has many years of experience leading product management and operations in early-stage technology startups. As head of product, Justin has led the implementation of product strategy for fast-growing consumer-facing marketplaces and applications. Justin has been involved in multiple startups that were acquired by larger technology and media firms.

Justin earned a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Stanford University.