Alexa Skill Developers Preparing for Christmas Traffic Rush

Christmas Day, the busiest day of the year for Alexa Skill developers, is exactly 6 weeks away. How are developers preparing?

Since far more developers will be submitting skills this year compared to last, it’s a good idea for developers to allow more time for the certification process. While Alexa certification delays are not as long as many iOS developers reported at times over the years, it’s still a good idea to allow two weeks or more.

Developer Chas Sweeting shows what Alexa traffic patterns look like around Christmas. Last year, he saw usage double from December 22 to December 24, followed by another double from December 24 to December 25. Many Alexa-enabled devices are unboxed around Christmas.

The Alexa team has released a number of new and enhanced APIs in recent weeks, including Skill ConnectionsDoorbell Chime Announcements and 2-Way Communication, the Reminders API, and the Music Skill API.