Amazon Expands Cross-Promotional Real Estate on “Our Brands” Apparel Product Pages

Amazon is constantly tweaking the design of product pages. For instance, yesterday we found that Amazon has integrated its “Scout” ML-based product recommendations tool onto furniture product pages.

Today we are seeing some new designs on Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand apparel product pages in the US that contain expanded cross-promotional real estate for “Our Brands” and other Amazon apparel-related services. It’s the first time we have seen these particular layouts.

Here are some examples. In each, we are seeing two cross-promotional modules directly below the product bullet points. We are only seeing these on product pages for “Our Brands” (i.e. Amazon private label and Amazon Exclusive brand) apparel items.

In this first example, we are seeing a “Beauty Essentials, Amazon Exclusives” module that promotes Our Brands items from the beauty category, followed by a “More like this from Our Brands” module that is promoting Amazon private label and exclusive brand apparel items.

In the second example below, we see a “Our New Year, New You Ambassadors” module promoting the new Celebrity Fitness Stores we found earlier this week, followed by the “More like this from Our Brands” module promoting Amazon private label and exclusive brand apparel items.

And in this third example, we see a Shopbop image ad (Shopbop is an Amazon-owned retail site that Amazon still runs), followed again by the “More like this from Our Brands” module.

Sometimes, Amazon puts paid ads in place of the first module in each example above, but nearly all Our Brand apparel product pages we are seeing now include the “More like this from Our Brands” module in this location.

This is another example of the type of “marketing support” Amazon offers for participating in the Our Brands program.

As always, we’ll continue tracking Amazon’s Our Brand marketing efforts.

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