Amazon Invests in a Home Builder For the First Time

Plant Prefab, which designs and builds prefabricated homes using what it calls “sustainable” methods, said today it has raised a $6.7 million Series A funding round from investors including the Amazon Alexa Fund and Obvious Ventures, the fund co-founded by Evan Williams of Twitter/Blogger.

It’s the first time we’re aware of that Amazon has directly invested in a home builder. It has previously announced partnerships with Lennar Homes in the US and with Embassy Edge in India offering smart home designs built on Alexa.

“Plant Prefab is a leader in home design and an emerging, innovative player in home manufacturing. We’re thrilled to support them as they make sustainable, connected homes more accessible to customers and developers,” said Paul Bernard, director of the Alexa Fund.

Plant Prefab says it has “installed 26 units in California and Utah as well as a multifamily project in Berkeley” in recent months.

Our take:

Given the importance of the home to Amazon, it is not shocking to see Amazon get more directly involved in home building. Amazon sees opportunity in being involved in home design and construction (particularly in the context of new home building methods for urban areas). Would Amazon ever design or build homes itself?