Amazon Launches 5 AmazonBasics Brand Tool Bag Backpacks

Continuing its expansion into private label commercial/industrial products and travel accessories, Amazon has launched 5 new tool bag backpacks under the AmazonBasics brand in its US store. Prices range from $43-$58 and models vary by the design of pockets, pouches, and loops.

The new items are:

  1. AmazonBasics Tool Bag Backpack – 51-Pocket with Adjustable Pouch Front
  2. AmazonBasics Tool Bag Backpack – 23-Pocket with 3-Pocket Front
  3. AmazonBasics Tool Bag Backpack – 50-Pocket with 2- Pocket Front
  4. AmazonBasics Tool Bag Backpack – 75-Pocket
  5. AmazonBasics Tool Bag Backpack – 22-Pocket with Utility Loops

The backpacks launched with a number of Vine reviews.

Currently, the top-ranked tool bag backpacks on Amazon include models by Dewalt (owned by Black & Decker), Klein Tools, Rugged Tools (a brand of J&B Trading, which sells its packs exclusively on Amazon), Custom Leathercraft, and Milwaukee (a brand owned by Techtronic Industries, which also owns Hoover, Dirt Devil, Ryobi, and others).

CLC and Dewalt are also the current top advertisers of sponsored product listings in our checks as well, with the DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag, 57-Pockets model currently receiving the “Amazon’s Choice” ribbon. We are seeing WORKPRO headline search ads as well.

If Amazon begins to promote these new AmazonBasics models as it does with some other private label products, that could affect the presentation and discoverability of these and other third party brand tool bag backpack models.

Stay tuned to TJI for the latest on Amazon’s private label efforts.