Amazon Launches Its Find and Meraki Private Label Apparel Brands in the US

Over the last year we’ve been tracking the expansion of Amazon’s private label efforts around the world. While many brands remain specific to local country markets, Amazon has taken a handful of its private label brands global. For instance, Amazon has launched its Solimo, Happy Belly, Mama Bear, Presto!, and AmazonBasics brands not just in the US, but also in Europe and Asia.

While we’ve seen brands that started in the US expand internationally, we’re now seeing two Amazon private label brands that first launched in the UK and Europe quietly expand to the US for the first time: Find and Meraki. Amazon has not made any announcements regarding the move, but Amazon is now selling products under both brands in the US, we have found.

Since its launch in September 2017, Find has become one of Amazon’s biggest private label brands in Europe, now with well over 1,000 items, including about 900 in women’s fashion, 400 in men’s apparel, and 250 in shoes and accessories. The Find brand covers a variety of styles and price points, but is generally positioned more on the value end of the spectrum.

Meraki launched in May 2018 and offers about 125 “wardrobe essential” products from jumpers to shorts for men and women. The product line is heavy on neutral colors. The most expensive item currently is this £62.00 men’s blazer.

As Find and Meraki expand to the US, they’re entering a more crowded Amazon private label market. While we’ve identified 7 Amazon private label apparel brands in the UK and Europe, we are tracking 96 Amazon private label apparel brands in the US across a wide variety of products and styles. (Now, make that 98.)

With just a few products launched in the US thus far, it’s too early to tell what Amazon’s plans for Find and Meraki are exactly yet. Amazon has brought some Meraki products over apparently unchanged and is calling the brand “A European Brand” on its US product pages. By contrast, Amazon’s Find products in the US do not match products for sale in Europe that we can tell and are not described as “A European Brand” on product detail pages.

Big picture, we foresee Amazon continuing to expand its private label selection as a way to increase customer loyalty and eventually improve margins. We’ll continue tracking the development of Find, Meraki, and Amazon’s other private label and exclusive brands around the world.

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