Amazon Launches New Private Label Sports Supplements Brand, OWN PWR

Coming on the heels of its launch of its first private label mattresses, Amazon has launched a new private label sports supplements brand.

Amazon’s brand is called OWN PWR. Currently it includes 11 products — 8 general sports nutrition products (like whey protein and creatine) and 3 “Elite” pre-workout powder formulations.

Amazon has been making its OWN PWR items available on an invite-only basis since late August — we do not know how many invites Amazon sent out, but interested parties could apply on the product pages directly. However, as of today, OWN PWR products now appear to be available for sale without an invitation. All customer reviews we’re seeing are from the last few days.

Amazon has a number of private label and exclusive brands in the sports and nutritional supplement category.

Earlier this year, Amazon launched the Amfit Nutrition private label brand in its UK and EU stores. There are 2 products currently offered under the Amfit brand: whey protein powder and chocolate protein bars.

In addition, Amazon has multiple Amazon Exclusive brands in the US that offer nutritional supplement products. Amazon labels these “Our Brands” as well. They include:

  1. Enraged Nutrition – offers creatine and glutamine powders
  2. Flexatarian – offers a variety of whey protein and pre-workout powders
  3. P2N Peak Performance Nutrition – offers a variety of protein powders

As always, stay tuned to TJI for the latest as we continue to track Amazon’s private label efforts.

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