Amazon Launches Private Label Cosmetics in Europe

As Amazon continues to build out its private label product lines, it has quietly launched a new line of private label beauty and cosmetics products in Europe under its Find brand.

Find is one of Amazon’s biggest private label brands in its UK and EU stores. The Find brand has primarily been focused on apparel, shoes, and accessories to date.

This is the first time we’ve seen Amazon launch cosmetics products under one of its own private label brands. Amazon does offer cosmetics in the US under several exclusive “Our Brands” including FocusOn, Beauty America, Beauty Rules, and CBN.

We’re seeing 17 products under the Find brand currently, including lip bundles, nail care bundles, eye shadow, and more.

Amazon has also launched a line of makeup brushes and related items under its Eono private label brand. We’re seeing 9 of these Eono beauty items currently.

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