Amazon Launches Private Label Energy Drinks

As Amazon continues to expand its private label food and beverage efforts, it has for the first time launched private label energy drinks like those marketed by Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, and others, we are seeing.

The new drinks are called Solimo Red Energy Drink and Solimo Silver Energy Drink. A pack of 24 16-oz cans is priced at $29.99 in both flavors. “If you like Monster Energy’s Zero Ultra, Sugar Free Energy Drink, we invite you to try Solimo,” the product detail page reads. (That Monster Energy drink is currently the #4 best selling grocery item on Amazon.)

Following our findings a few weeks ago that Amazon was launching private label milk, dairy, and coconut water products under its Happy Belly and Solimo brands, we have been observing signals that Amazon is planning to further invest in and expand its private label food and beverage offerings in the form of new job posts focused on these roles.

Amazon has been growing its private label food & beverage offerings under a portfolio of brands, including Happy Belly, Solimo, AmazonFresh, and Wickedly Prime. The selection offered within these brands has significantly increased over the last several months.

Amazon now sells “Our Brand” items under 130+ private label brands and 400+ Amazon Exclusive brands. For more on Amazon’s private label efforts, subscribe to the TJI Amazon Briefing and check out the TJI Amazon Brand Database.