Amazon Launches Private Label Medical Scrubs, Gets Into Work Uniforms

Amazon’s private label clothing efforts are well-known, but to date they’ve been focused on consumer products. Now, we’re seeing what we believe is Amazon’s first foray into private label occupational uniforms with the release of a new line of Amazon Essentials brand medical scrubs.

The items we’re seeing that Amazon has quietly launched are:

Each item is available in around 15 color variations. The women’s versions are both near the top of the list in Amazon’s New Releases in Women’s Uniforms, Work & Safety list.

Medical scrubs are about a $10 billion industry in the US. Chatsworth, CA-based Strategic Partners owns 40% of the market, according to a 2017 Bloomberg report. Strategic Partners’ Cherokee and Dickies brand medical apparel are some of the best selling work clothing items on Amazon. Strategic Partners also owns and operates Scrubs Magazine.

Los Angeles-based Figs became the first DTC brand to sell scrubs directly to consumers a few years ago, and reportedly saw $100 in revenues last year.

Several B2B Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” have also launched recently offering various industrial products, including SimplySafe and SupplyMaster, which offer nitrile and other disposable gloves for exams, food preparation, and other occupational purposes.

Big picture, Amazon says its B2B healthcare supplies business is experiencing “rocket ship” growth. We would only expect this to continue. For more on Amazon’s healthcare efforts, see the TJI Amazon Healthcare Overview.

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