Amazon Launches Revly, a New Private Label Vitamin Brand

Amazon has just launched a new private label vitamins brand called Revly. As of today, there are 11 Revly brand products live on Amazon’s US store. Vine reviews are still coming in in support of the launch.

The US vitamin market was estimated to be about USD $13 billion in 2017.

This marks the 5th private label brand under which Amazon has launched vitamins. It has also created private label vitamin products under the Amazon Elements, Solimo, Mama Bear, and Whole Foods’ 365 Every Day Value brands.

Amazon also sells vitamins under several Amazon Exclusive brands, including Nature’s Wonder, Metatrition, and Pure By Nature, that it also labels “Our Brands”.

Revly vitamins are generally priced on the higher end of Amazon’s private label brands. For example,¬†Revly Vitamin D3 2000 IU gummies sell for $0.17 each, while¬†Solimo Vitamin D3 2000 IU gummies sell for $0.06 each.

Top third party brands in organic US search results for vitamins currently include Nature’s Bounty, NatureWise, Garden of Life, Viva Naturals, Jarrow, and Bronson. Top advertisers currently are NatureWise, Bronson, and Pure.

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