Amazon Launches Several AmazonBasics Private Label Gaming Accessories

Continuing its expansion in to private label electronics products, Amazon has launched several gaming accessories under its AmazonBasics brand.

The new items include:

Vine reviews are still coming in for most of these items, though the Pro Gaming Headset has no reviews as of yet. The Chat headset has some Vine reviews going back to the summer, but is still getting Vine reviews as of last week as well.

These new products mark Amazon’s biggest push into private label gaming accessories and hardware that we’ve seen to date.

Currently, searches for gaming headsets in Amazon’s US store put products by Logitech and Onikuma at the top of organic search results. Serain and SteelSeries headsets are the top sponsored products in our spot checks. Amazon also includes “Expert Recommendations” on gaming headset searches from BestReviews.

Amazon has launched a hundreds of private label electronics products and accessories under its AmazonBasics brand, from cords and cables to cases and covers.

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