Amazon Launches Solimo Brand Private Label Coconut Water

Continuing its private label expansion in the beverage category, Amazon has launched a new coconut water product under its Solimo brand.

Solimo Coconut Water currently sells for $24.99 for a 24-pack of 11.2 oz cartons. It’s listed as the #1 New Release in coconut water, per Amazon.

The top selling coconut water brands on Amazon currently are Vita Coco, Bai, Zico (owned by Coca-Cola), Naked, Taste Nirvana, O.N.E. (owned by PepsiCo), C2O, Harmless Harvest, Pure Inventions, Laird, and Amy & Brian. Those coconut waters range in price from $0.08/oz to $0.18/oz. Solimo Coconut Water comes in on the lower end of that range at $0.09/oz.

Most market size estimates we see put the US coconut water market at about $2 billion per year.

Amazon has been expanding the Solimo brand into more beverage categories lately. It also recently launched Solimo drink mixes in lemonade and fruit flavors, in addition to Ensure-style¬†Solimo nutritional shakes. (“If you like Ensure, we invite you to try Solimo,” the product description reads.)

Amazon has also been expanding its now well established Solimo brand coffee and tea selection.

In addition to Amazon’s private label brands, we have been tracking a growing number of Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” beverage brands, such as recent additions like Amizle (tea), Fevo Italia (coffee), and Pomona (juices).