TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map

The Comprehensive Independent List of Amazon Physical Retail Locations
Now tracking 635 physical locations and venues.
Last Updated 5 November 2018


Since 2015, when Amazon opened its first physical retail store (Amazon Books in Seattle’s University Village), Amazon has been growing its physical retail presence throughout North America. When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, it added hundreds of new locations. Today, Amazon operates over 600 physical retail venues, ranging from its Amazon Go automated food stores to its roving Amazon Treasure Trucks.

The TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map is a starting point for researchers and analysts to navigate Amazon’s physical retail efforts. For professionals serious about tracking Amazon’s retail developments, subscribe to TJI Intel, which covers the latest developments across Amazon’s physical retail portfolio.

The TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map was created and is edited by Justin Smith, Founder of TJI Research. This is an independent, unofficial resource and is updated on an ongoing basis. Please contact us with tips or to let us know of any errors or omissions below. TJI is not affiliated with or endorsed by, Inc.

TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map
Amazon Go (10)
Amazon 4-star (3)
Amazon Books (17)
AmazonFresh Pickup (2)
Whole Foods Market (480)
Whole Foods 365 (10)
Allegro Coffee Roasters (7)
Amazon Treasure Truck (25)
Amazon Pop-Ups (67)
Amazon Smart Home Experience Pop-Ups (14)

  • You can turn layers on and off by clicking the  icon in the top left corner of the map above, and then ticking the checkbox next to each type of retail location/venue.
  • Some Amazon Pop-Ups are temporary installations. Those are not included in the map above. The Amazon Pop-Ups included in the map above are believed to be ongoing locations. Most of them are in malls.
  • Amazon Treasure Trucks move around to various locations in the cities in which they are stationed, though they are shown on the map above in a single location.
  • The Allegro Coffee Roasters locations outside of Denver are inside Whole Foods Market locations, but we have included them separately here. A handful of Amazon Pop-Ups are located inside Whole Foods Market locations as well.
  • The above map is built on Google Maps. Pin locations are based on Google Maps’ address data.