Amazon Planning to Launch Scarce, Influencer-Driven “The Drop” Collections

It’s been a couple of weeks since we noticed Amazon launching new items under its The Drop private label brand. Now, Amazon is formally introducing the brand, featuring limited edition lines designed by popular influencers from around the world.

Taking a cue from fashion retailers and brands like Supreme employing influencer + scarcity tactics, each The Drop collection is only live for 30 hours. Customers can now sign up to received SMS notifications when new collections go live.

And unlike most of its regular private label brands, Amazon is putting some marketing effort behind The Drop. It has created a branded Instagram account @amazonthedrop and plans to promote new launches there too.

“Kicking off ‘The Drop’ are Paola Alberdi (1M Instagram followers), Sierra Furtado (1.7M Instagram followers), Emi Suzuki (1M Instagram followers), Leonie Hanne (1.9M Instagram followers) and Patricia Bright (1M Instagram followers),” per Fashionista. There will also be a line of always-available items to pair with these time-sensitive deals, called “Staples by The Drop.”

No date has been announced for the launch. However, Amazon is offering a way for customers to nominate insta-celebs, for suppliers to request to participate, and for those with more than 1 million Instagram followers can apply to join the program. From the FAQ:

What is The Drop?

The Drop brings you of-the-moment collections designed by your favorite influencers from around the world. Once a collection drops you have 30 hours to shop — or less because fabrics are limited. Each piece is then made-on-demand, just for you. The limited-edition collections pair perfectly with Staples by The Drop, so you can shop each head-to-toe look.

Can I nominate an influencer?

We love suggestions. Let us know who you’d like to see design the next collection here.

I’m an influencer. How can I work with The Drop?

Great. Tell us more about yourself here.

I’m interested in working with The Drop as a supplier or manufacturer. Who can I talk to?

Exciting! Let’s get to know each other better. Answer a few questions here.

It’s an interesting move by Amazon to experiment with a new model that is gaining traction in other venues. This type of strategy could also help Amazon become more relevant to the fashion community. We’ll continue tracking The Drop to see how it goes.

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