Amazon Releases Alexa.Health Developer Tools for Tracking Baby Activities

Much like driving, baby care is an excellent use case for hands-free computing. As such, Amazon is investing in tools to help developers build Alexa skills to track baby activities.

Amazon has announced a new API for Alexa called the Baby Activity Skill API. Per Amazon, “The Alexa.Health API is a set of interfaces that allows you to build baby activity skills for your health and wellness apps and devices. Your customers can manage health and wellness data for themselves, their children, and other family members by talking to Alexa.” Amazon has created specific APIs around tracking weight, sleep, diaper changes, and infant feeding.

It’s another step in the overall tact Amazon continues to take with the Alexa ecosystem: building API sets tailored to the needs of various product categories to optimize for new usage scenarios. In this case, it’s activity logging for early childhood.

With the Baby Activity Skill API, you can build Alexa skills and that enable your customers to easily log and query activity information using just their voice. Voice is a powerful tool that increases the accessibility of your service. It can help increase consistent input and make your service more valuable, increasing usage and retention of customers.

Here are some sample utterances:
User: Alexa, Jane woke up from a 3-hour nap.
User: Alexa, log a bottle feeding of 6 ounces for Jane.
User: Alexa, when was the last diaper change?
User: Alexa, what was Jane’s average weight last month?

Hatch Baby, a maker of “smart nursery” products, also announced that it has received investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund.

We would expect to see more Alexa integrations into hardware and software in the baby category in the year ahead. While some will be hesitant to adopt tools like these, as parents and caretakers begin to use Amazon services for more aspects of child care, the Baby Activity Skill API creates another vector for engagement and ultimately sales.

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