Amazon’s “The Celebrity Store” Returns After Hiatus

Earlier this month, we observed Amazon’s launch of “The Celebrity Store,” a new hub page promoting celebrities endorsing products for sale on Amazon. Then, three days later, Amazon removed The Celebrity Store from altogether without saying why.

Now, two weeks later, “The Celebrity Store” is back – you can check it out here. And there are a few celebrities that have left the lineup when comparing the version that is live today and the version that was live previously.

The Celebrity Store represents Amazon’s latest effort to provide brands with celebrity endorsers a way to increase their impact on Amazon. Customers can choose a celebrity and then see a custom page from the endorsed brand listing products to buy.

The Celebrity Store appears to be a more coordinated effort with brands compared to other Amazon services like the Amazon Influencer Program (which allows people with large social media followings to get an Amazon storefront with a vanity URL and earn affiliate commissions on sales) since celebrities’ individual pages live within brands’ respective official stores on Amazon.

The 13 celebrities that are listed on The Celebrity Store as of today are:

  1. Bryce Harper (Blind Barber)
  2. Cam Newton (Under Armour)
  3. Chris Hemsworth (Hugo Boss)
  4. Jordan Spieth (Under Armour)
  5. Jozy Altidore (Puma)
  6. Lindsey Vonn (Under Armour)
  7. Lupita Nyong’o (Calvin Klein Fragrances)
  8. Misty Copeland (Under Armour)
  9. Rob Gronkowski (Gronk Fitness)
  10. Ryan Seacrest (Polished)
  11. Saoirse Ronan (Calvin Klein Fragrances)
  12. Skylar Diggins (Puma)
  13. Zac Efron (Hugo Boss)

The 5 celebrities that were part of The Celebrity Store earlier this month but are not as of today’s relaunch are:

  1. Aaron Rodgers (Izod)
  2. Dwyane Wade (Mission, Tie Bar, and Way of Wade)
  3. Jessica Biel (Gaiam)
  4. Stephen Thompson (Van Heusen)
  5. TJ Dillashaw (Van Heusen)

We do not yet know why these 5 have been removed. The pages they linked to still exist on the site. For example, here’s the Jessica Biel’s Picks page in Gaiam’s store.

Brands and celebrities themselves are likely to promote their Amazon Celebrity Store on social and traditional media as a way to drive sales of endorsed products.

It remains to be seen how much Amazon promotes The Celebrity Store to customers. Currently, Amazon is promoting The Celebrity Store with house ads like the following:

Amazon is trying new ways of improving various social media marketing conversion funnels. Two weeks ago, Snapchat introduced a “visual search” feature allowing its users to buy detected items on Amazon, presumably earning Snap an Amazon affiliate commission in the process.

For now, we’ll keep an eye on the latest iteration of The Celebrity Store and see how it evolves.

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