AWS Launches Amazon Comprehend Medical, Offering NLP Specific to Healthcare

AWS has just announced the launch of Amazon Comprehend Medical, a version of Amazon Comprehend specific to the needs healthcare customers.

Last year, Amazon launched Comprehend, a NLP service for “language detection, entity categorization, sentiment analysis, and key phrase extraction.” However, Amazon says that, “Given the very specific nature of clinical documents, healthcare customers have asked us to build them a version of Amazon Comprehend tailored to their unique needs.”

Amazon says that Amazon Comprehend Medical adds the following to the standard Comprehend service:

  • Support for entity extraction and entity traits on a vast vocabulary of medical terms: anatomy, conditions, procedures, medications, abbreviations, etc.
  • An entity extraction API (detect_entities) trained on these categories and their subtypes.
  • A Protected Health Information extraction API (detect_phi) able to locate contact details, medical record numbers, etc.

Amazon’s Julien Simon provides the following example of how Amazon Comprehend Medical works. First, let’s take the following input text to start.

Here’s how Amazon Comprehend Medical processes the document: “Entities are extracted and highlighted: we see personal information in orange, medication in red, anatomy in purple and medical conditions in green.”

“Personal Identifiable Information is correctly picked up. This is particularly important for researchers who need to anonymize documents before exchanging or publishing them. Also, ‘rash’ and ‘sleeping trouble’ are correctly detected as medical conditions diagnosed by the doctor (‘Dx’ is shorthand for ‘diagnosis’). Medications are detected as well,” Simon says.

Simon goes on to explain how AMC can figure out abbreviations specific to physician terminology and is able to correctly understand complex relationships.

Overall, Amazon Comprehend Medical offers healthcare providers and related professionals more reasons to adopt AWS as their cloud service provider. Amazon is investing heavily in intelligent applications to help make health care professionals more efficient.

The launch of Amazon Comprehend Medical is the latest in a string of healthcare-related initiatives at Amazon.

Above Images: AWS