Banana Kingdom (Not Republic), a New Amazon Exclusive Brand, Launches

Banana Kingdom, a new Amazon Exclusive children’s apparel brand, has launched, we have found.

Currently, 18 items are for sale under the Banana Kingdom brand, ranging from hoodies to dresses. Somewhat unusually, a few of the initial Vine reviews being posted for Banana Kingdom products are 1 to 3 stars. Usually, we see initial Vine reviews in the 4 to 5 star range.

In addition, it’s the first time that we’ve seen an official Amazon Exclusive brand launch with a name that could be considered “reminiscent” of a well-known existing fashion brand.

Banana Republic launched in 1978 and is now owned by Gap, Inc. Banana Kingdom follows the “Banana [form of government]” pattern. We do not know Gap’s view on whether it believes the brands are too similar or not. If Gap felt the brands were too similar, it would be interesting to see how Amazon handled that. We would assume Amazon feels comfortable with the Banana Kingdom brand, or else it would not have launched it under its “Our Brands” private brands program.

Unlike most Amazon Exclusive brands, we have not yet been able to identify the owner of the Banana Kingdom brand. No trademark records exist for the brand that we can find. If you know who the owner is and would like to share that with us, our contact information is here.

For now, we’ll continue to track Banana Kingdom, as we do all Amazon private label and exclusive brands.

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