Amazon Launches Zanie Kids, a New Private Label Baby Clothing Brand

As it continues to expand its portfolio of private label brands and product categories, Amazon has just launched a new private label baby clothing brand called Zanie Kids, we are seeing.

Currently, we are seeing 11 items for sale under the Zanie Kids brand, including pajamas, bodysuits, and dresses. Items range in price from $26 – $36.

While Zanie Kids product detail pages do not list “An Amazon Brand” like some other Amazon private label brands do, and Amazon has not made any announcements yet, Amazon is the owner of the Zanie Kids trademark, which was initially filed last fall.

Currently, Amazon sells baby clothing under two other of its private label brands: Moon and Back and Silly Apples. It also sells baby wipes under the Amazon Elements brand and a few baby items like wipes and diaper pail bags under its Mama Bear brand. A number of Amazon Exclusive brands also sell baby items.

Zanie Kids has been added to the TJI Amazon Brand Database.


Amazon Launches AmazonBasics Private Label Kids’ Play Furniture

Last December, we observed that Amazon had launched several AmazonBasics brand private label soft play toys for young children. However, shortly after our report, Amazon apparently removed those items from its website (though one of them later went back online). Since then, we haven’t seen much on the Amazon private label toy front.

However, today, we are seeing that Amazon has launched four new AmazonBasics brand private label wooden children’s play furniture items, similar to the style often used by Melissa & Doug. The items we are seeing are:

The items are all launching with several Vine reviews. Here’s what the AmazonBasics play table looks like:

For comparison, here’s Melissa & Doug’s play table (also available on Amazon):

While many toys are sold heavily on brand and with officially licensed IP, Amazon should be able to gain traction for private label items relatively quickly in those areas that don’t depend as heavily on brand.

In general, Amazon continues to ramp up its private label and exclusive brand selection across retail categories. Amazon is hiring both in the US and internationally to support this effort, and is growing the volume of exclusive private brands it offers through the Amazon Accelerator program.

Amazon’s late 2018 holiday catalog featured several dozen Amazon Exclusive toys by our count. In addition, brands that received at least one full page in the catalog included Lego, Marvel, Disney Pixar, Barbie, Baby Alive, Fingerlings, Melissa & Doug, Duplo, Fisher-Price, vtech, Play-Doh, Hasbro Gaming, Nerf, Hot Wheels, Playmobil, k’nex, Bose, and Star Wars.

Amazon is featuring Amazon Exclusive toys in its Amazon 4-star retail stores as well.

J.Crew Launches “LOOK by crewcuts,” a New Amazon Exclusive Children’s Clothing Brand

J.Crew, which started selling its J.Crew Mercantile brand of clothing on Amazon just last fall before then saying it would discontinue the brand, has just launched a new Amazon Exclusive brand of children’s clothing.

The new brand is called “LOOK by crewcuts,” with LOOK being an acronym for “League Of Outstanding Kids.” “Amazon partnered with crewcuts to create a fun, affordable, everyday collection that kids will love,” product pages say. We’re seeing 34 items live as of now, with all items priced under $30.

LOOK by crewcuts has been added to the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

Not only is J.Crew not abandoning Amazon like some thought it might when it announced changes to its plans for the J.Crew Mercantile brand in November, it’s now launching a new brand on Amazon. J.Crew Mercantile and other J.Crew merchandise is also still available for sale on J.Crew’s Amazon store as of now.

Amazon Launches Belei, A New Private Label Skincare Brand, in the US

Amazon has just launched a brand new line of moisturizers, cleaners, and skin treatments called Belei, we are seeing. It’s Amazon’s first dedicated private label skincare brand in the US.

Twelve Belei brand products are now live on in the US, including moisturizers, eye cream, cleansing wipes, masks, and spot treatments. Belei’s brand messaging is focused on simplicity and transparent ingredients. No products contain sulfates, parabens, or phthalates, and product detail pages contain full ingredient lists.

The Belei brand items we are seeing include:

  • Belei Bio-Complex Moisturizer for Dry Skin
  • Belei Blemish Control Spot Treatment
  • Belei Charcoal Balancing Mask
  • Belei Dark Spot Solution Serum
  • Belei Ferulic Acid + Vitamins C and E Serum
  • Belei Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • Belei Oil-Free Face Moisturizer
  • Belei Oil-Free Micellar Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • Belei Retinol Refining Moisturizer
  • Belei Triple-Peptide Eye Cream
  • Belei Vitamin C Moisturizer
  • Belei Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Amazon has previously sold beauty and personal care items under its Solimo private label brand, as well as other Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands,” but Belei is the first Amazon US private label brand we have seen dedicated to beauty.

In January, Amazon started selling private label cosmetics in Europe under its Find brand.

The launch of Belei is Amazon’s latest move in its effort to grow its private label portfolio and selection. It’s the 138th private label brand from Amazon that we are tracking. In addition, Amazon has been growing its assortment within many of its private label brand substantially over the last year.

Amazon is promoting Belei products with advertisements in its beauty section and “25% off” coupons.

Brands like Olay, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Clinique, and Neutrogena, and retailers that rely heavily on beauty like Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus will likely be taking note of how Amazon steers the Belei brand.

We’ll continue to track Amazon’s private label efforts here at TJI.

Bosch launches FYX, a new Amazon Exclusive tools brand

Bosch, the 130-year-old German industrial and consumer goods conglomerate, has launched a new Amazon Exclusive brand of tools called FYX, we believe.

As is usually the case with new Amazon Exclusive brands, neither Bosch nor Amazon have made an official announcement about the launch. We are seeing one item for sale on Amazon in the US under the FYX brand, which appears to be owned by Bosch, according to US trademark records.

Amazon labels the item — the FYX Ultimate Household Drill and Drive Mixed Set — as “Our Brand,” and the product page contains no reference to Bosch. Some reviews are dated from last fall, including some Vine reviews.

Bosch joins several other established brands, such as Tuft & Needle, Equal, and Carter’s, in launching a new brand specifically for Amazon’s retail channels. Given that Bosch has chosen not to publicly associate FYX with the parent company’s brand, it appears FYX could likely be an experiment for the company in figuring out how Amazon’s “Our Brands” world works.

Many Amazon Exclusive brands are owned by smaller firms hoping to build a new brand by taking advantage of the marketing benefits Amazon offers its exclusive brands. Amazon Exclusive brands “receive a suite of marketing support executed by our Amazon merchandising team. Products with high ratings and reviews can receive additional placements across,” Amazon says.

On the whole, Amazon continues to ramp up its private label and exclusive brand selection across retail categories.

Amazon Launches Private Label Toothbrushes

Continuing its expansion into private label personal care products, Amazon has quietly launched its first private label toothbrushes, we are seeing. The increased oral care selection builds on Amazon’s growing portfolio of private label health and beauty products.

The Solimo brand items we are seeing are:

In terms of competitive positioning, Amazon says the following on product description pages:

  • If you like Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Multi Pro Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Colgate 360 Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Orbit Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Crest 3D White Classic Vivid Teeth Whitestrips, we invite you to try Solimo Whitening Strips Kit”
  • “If you like Glide Oral-B Comfort Plus Floss, we invite you to try Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss”

While Amazon has previously released other private label oral care products like mouthwashes, this is the first time we have seen Amazon launch private label toothbrushes, whitening strips, and dental floss.

Last month, Amazon also launched its 5-Blade “MotionSphere” Razor, as well as other health & personal care products under the Solimo brand.

In addition, Amazon has launched private label replacement heads for various brands of electric toothbrushes. The items we are seeing include:

Solimo is one of Amazon’s fastest growing private label brands, both in the US and around the world, with coverage across CPG categories.

Amazon now sells “Our Brand” items under 130+ private label brands and over 390+ Amazon Exclusive brands. For more on Amazon’s private label efforts, subscribe to the TJI Amazon Briefing and check out the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

Amazon Launches Due East Apparel, a New Private Label Activewear Brand

As it continues its private label expansion, Amazon has quietly launched a women’s activewear brand called Due East Apparel, we are seeing.

Currently Due East Apparel lists 8 items, ranging from sports bras to yoga pants, yoga shirts, and exercise shirts. Amazon’s product description reads: “Due East Apparel – Fashion meets Function, we had been trying to add more design elements on activewears while retaining their functions and our series will cover sports bras, shorts, tops, leggings and more. Due East Apparel: Being ‘Trend Conscious’.”

Due East is not Amazon’s first yoga gear label. Just last month, Amazon launched Truity, a new private label “professional yoga” brand, we found. Amazon has launched yoga pants and athletic apparel under a number of its other private label brands, including Core 10, Mint Lilac, 7Goals, and others.

We’ve added Due East Apparel to the TJI Amazon Brand Database. To track Amazon’s efforts on an ongoing basis, subscribe to the TJI Amazon Briefing.

Amazon Expanding Selection of Private Label Baby Products

Just as Amazon is expanding its private label health and personal care products lineup as part of its overall efforts to expand its private label selection, Amazon is also expanding its assortment of baby products across brands, we are seeing.

The new products are launching under Amazon’s Mama Bear, Solimo, Amazon Elements, Amazon Essentials, Silly Apples, and Moon and Back brands. Here are a few examples of products we are seeing:

We are also seeing many new baby apparel items under Amazon’s Silly Apples and Moon and Back brands.

Amazon now sells “Our Brand” items under 135 private label brands and over 330 Amazon Exclusive brands. For more on Amazon’s private label efforts, subscribe to TJI Briefing and check out the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

Amazon Launches 5-Blade “MotionSphere” Razor, Many More Health & Personal Care Products Under Its Solimo Private Label Brand

Continuing its expansion into private label health and personal care products, Amazon has launched several new items under its Solimo brand in recent days and weeks.

Of note is a new Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor for Men, which sells with two cartridges for $7.49. It launched with several Vine reviews. Of course, Amazon is selling replacement blades as well, at 8 for $15.99. Those price points are generally lower than high-end 5-blade razors from Gillete, Schick, Bic, and others.

In addition, Amazon has launched a barrage of new Solimo private label health and personal care products, including:

These will compete with similar products from national brand owners including Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Neutrogena, Olay, Dove, Nivea, Chattem, & more.

Solimo is one of Amazon’s fastest growing private label brands, both in the US and around the world. It has added dozens of products over the last couple of months across a variety of product categories.

Amazon now sells “Our Brand” items under 135 private label brands and over 330 Amazon Exclusive brands. For more on Amazon’s private label efforts, subscribe to TJI Briefing and check out the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

Amazon Launches “Home Style Quiz,” Another New ML-Based Home Decor Recommendations Tool

Back in September, Amazon launched Scout, its tool for recommending furniture and home decor items. It works by prompting users for “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” ratings of selected items and then, Amazon says, by using machine learning algorithms to make recommendations based on thousands of visual attributes.

Then, two weeks ago, we found that Amazon had integrated a Scout-like recommendations module on furniture product pages that works in a similar way.

Now, we are seeing a third product variant of the Scout tool, called the Home Style Quiz. It’s a 6-step quiz that results in furniture and home decor product recommendations, and is now live on in the US. Here’s how it looks:

Step 1. Amazon gives users 15 pictures of fully decorated rooms, and asks, “Which three looks are your favorites?”

Steps 2, 3, and 4. Amazon chooses items based on the user’s input in the previous step, and prompts users to “Vote on at least three pieces to help us narrow down your unique style.” A total of 20 items are presented in each of these three steps.

Step 5. Amazon asks users to express preferences on colors. Amazon asks, “Let’s talk color–how much is just right?” Users can choose between three options: “Keep it neutral,” “Some pops of color,” or “The bolder the better.”

Step 6. Finally, users are asked, “Lastly, how much pattern and texture are perfect?” Available answers are: “None, thanks,” “Less is more,” and “Can’t get enough.”

The ensuing results page offers suggested products grouped into three categories. In our example, the results were: “Your unique blend of styles is Industrial, California Casual, and Glam.” A section for each of those categories is listed below, offering recommended products in each section. Here’s what the “Industrial” section looks like in our example.

Finally, there are “Color & Pattern Recommendations” and “Products You Liked” sections.

Big picture, Amazon is continuing to experiment with new ways of exposing users to machine learning services to improve its personalization and recommendation algorithms. The Scout concept makes sense for highly visual product categories like furniture and home decor. We believe more intelligent personalization is an area in which Amazon can improve significantly through further R&D.

Amazon has chosen not to invest heavily in human recommendations much, a la how StitchFix manually curates for apparel. However, Amazon has created a little-known tool called Outfit Compare, in which customers can upload photos of themselves and get an Amazon staffer’s opinion of which looks better.