Amazon Expands Its Pet Products Lineup with More Private Label and Exclusive Brands

After launching its Wag brand of private label dog food earlier this year, Amazon is expanding its pet food and products lineup with more private label and exclusive brands.

Solimo Private Label Dog Food

First, Amazon has launched dry dog food under its Solimo private label brand.

Flavor options include chicken and lamb and size options include a 5lb trial size ($10.99 on Prime), 15lb bag ($22.99), and 30lb bag ($34.99). The new dog food launched with a few dozen Vine reviews.

For price comparison, all Wag 30lb bags are selling for $44.99, so the Solimo brand is priced at 22% less. This is consistent with Amazon’s practice of pricing Solimo below its other private label brands in other categories (such as toilet paper).

Solimo marks Amazon’s second private label pet food brand. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to provide pet supplies under its AmazonBasics private label brand as well, from dog bowls to beds.

Five Amazon Exclusive Pet Products Brands

In addition, to Amazon’s new Solimo private label dog food, we are seeing 5 new Amazon Exclusive brands being labeled as “Our Brands” by Amazon. They are Simply Perfection, Pet Craft Supply Co., Olaganics, Dogg Cookie, and Zoeez Naturals.

Simply Perfection

The Amazon Exclusive Simply Perfection brand bills itself as “Meat First Super Premium Dog Food.” The new products include items like Simply Perfection Super Premium Beef Recipe Canned Dog Food 79.2oz Case, which sells for $15.02 for Prime members.

The Simply Perfection brand is owned by Perfection Pet Foods out of Visalia, California. Perfection Pet Foods bills itself as “a leading manufacturer and packager of private label and co-manufactured pet food and pet snack products.”

Pet Craft Supply Co.

A second Amazon Exclusive brand of pet accessory products has launched called Pet Craft Supply Co. Pet Craft Supply currently has 19 products for sale, including feeding bowls, beds, and (yes) apparel. For example, this Pet Craft Supply Two-Tone Stylish Puffer Jacket for All Dogs is available for $11.99.

The Pet Craft Supply Co brand is owned by R2P Group Inc of Pleasanton, California, which also creates pet products under the Simmons Beautyrest brand, amongst others.


A third pet-focused Amazon Exclusive brand is also now live, offering pet food supplements. Olaganics products include soft chews like probiotics, allergy relief, fish oil, and bladder control — but for pets.

The Olaganics brand is owned by FabWa, LLC of Valparaiso, Indiana, which also produces water supplement products.

Dogg Cookie

The Amazon Exclusive brand Dogg Cookie offers a variety of dog treats. For example, this Dogg Cookie Chunky Chip 2-Pack sells for $14.32 for Prime members.

The Dogg Cookie brand is owned by Wet Noses Inc. of Monroe, Washington, which produces a variety of organic dog treats.

Zoeez Naturals

Finally, the Amazon Exclusive brand Zoeez Naturals offers a variety of nutritional supplements for pets. For example, this Zoeez Naturals Hairball Support With Vitamins and Minerals | Natural Supplement for Cats (Chicken Liver Flavor), 30 Chews sells for $12.99.

The Zoeez Naturals brand is owned by Zoeez, LLC of Portland, Oregon, which makes a variety of dog and cat wellness products.

Big Picture

The US pet food market alone was estimated to be about $29 billion in 2017, according to the American Pet Products Association. PetSmart acquired this past April for $3.35 billion in the largest e-commerce acquisition ever. Amazon likely sees both a need and an opportunity here to build preference for its private label and exclusive brands and drive long term loyalty.

Pet food also represents an opportunity for Amazon to grow its advertising revenues. Amazon’s Pet Supplies hub page now features a mix of Amazon private label, Amazon exclusive, and third party brands. Brands paying for sponsored listings with the Pet Supplies hub include IAMS, Purina ONE, Rachel Ray, Natural Balance, and many more. On a general search like dog food on Amazon’s US store, current top brand advertisers include HIll’s Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Purina ONE SmartBlend, and Rachel Ray Nutrish.

View the TJI Amazon Brand Database – The Independent Global List of Amazon Private Label and Exclusive Brands

The TJI Amazon Brand Report – October 2018 Edition

TJI Amazon Brand Database – The Independent Global List of Amazon Private Label and Exclusive Brands

As one of the largest internet retailers and e-commerce platforms in a growing number of markets around the world, Amazon holds a unique position in an increasing number of retail product categories. Over the last decade, Amazon has introduced a number of private label and exclusive brands, and recently it has accelerated its efforts by bringing to market both many new brands and an increasing number of products offered under them.

But, while Amazon labels these brands in different ways in different places, there’s no singular comprehensive reference for manufacturers, brand owners, or retailers to find all of Amazon’s private label and exclusive brands in one place. That’s why we have created the TJI Amazon Brand Database — the independent global list of Amazon private label and exclusive brands.

275+ Private Label and Exclusive Brands

Some brands, like AmazonBasics, are in use by Amazon globally. Others, like Vedaka (Amazon’s spice brand in India) or Kid Nation (one of Amazon’s children’s clothing brands in the US) are only in use in one of Amazon’s country stores.

All told, we’ve identified 120+ Amazon private label brands and 150+ Amazon exclusive brands from Amazon’s retail sites around the world as of today, for a total of 275+ private label and exclusive brands combined. That represents a much larger number than has previously been identified in any reports we’ve seen.

As a few examples, some Amazon private label brands that you may not have seen before include Common District, Dayana, Denim Crush, Filgate, Smitten, Sprout Star, The Casual Grey, The Portland Plaid Co, Toes In A Blanket, and OWN PWR.

And the number is growing.

From Suits to Nuts, Furniture to Dryer Sheets, and Everything in Between

While Amazon’s brand portfolio is largest in clothing — there are over 125 private label and exclusive clothing, shoes, accessories brands in the US alone — Amazon brands run the gamut of consumer product categories.

For example, we count 16 food and grocery brands, 25 healthcare and beauty brands, and 14 household goods brands in the US alone. From Austin Mill suits to Sol nuts, Rivet mid-century accent chairs to Breezeo dryer sheets, Amazon’s thousands of private label and exclusive brand items cover a greater number of retail categories than you may think.

A Global Footprint

While the greatest number of Amazon private label brands are marketed in the US, Amazon has made efforts to build its brand portfolio around the world as well.

For example, in the UK and EU, Amazon has many private label clothing brands that don’t exist in other Amazon markets. And in India, Amazon has a spectrum of private label and exclusive clothing brands ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Dive In

We continue to find new brands on an ongoing basis, and we predict the number of brands is only going to grow.

The TJI Amazon Brand Database is a starting point for researchers and analysts to navigate the breadth and depth of Amazon’s private label and exclusive brands.

For professionals serious about tracking Amazon’s private brand efforts on an ongoing basis, subscribe to TJI Intel, which covers the latest developments across Amazon’s brand portfolio.