Dillanos Coffee Roasters Parent Launches Amazon Exclusive Home Harvest Coffee Brand

The parent company of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, a wholesale coffee roaster based in Sumner, Washington, has launched an Amazon Exclusive coffee brand called Home Harvest Coffee.

Home Harvest joins a growing list of Amazon private label and exclusive coffee brands in the US. Amazon is ramping up its exclusive brand efforts through programs like its Amazon Accelerator. Amazon Exclusive coffee brands currently include Corner One Coffee, Crave Coffee, My Coffee, and Pier 3 Coffee, alongside a variety of coffees within Amazon’s Happy Belly and AmazonFresh private label brands.

Currently, Home Harvest is offering 3 products: a signature blend, a breakfast blend, and a french roast. Products are available in a 1 lb bag, 2 lb bag, and (some) in Nespresso capsules. Dillanos says it has 65 employees and “roasts for some of the country’s most recognized specialty coffee brands and cafes.” Dillanos has not yet responded to our request for comment.

A wide variety of brands are selling coffee on Amazon. Amazon is also selling its own private label brands of coffee via its AmazonFresh and 365 Everyday Value brands.

Top sponsors for coffee searches on Amazon include Death Wish, Seattle’s Best, and Peet’s. Death Wish and Starbucks are also best sellers.

Original Donut Shop Keurig K-Cups, Folgers, and Dunkin’ Donuts are also prominently featured on coffee search results under a “Customers ultimately bought” heading near the top of the page.

Follow TJI as Amazon continues to expand its private label and exclusive food, beverage, and grocery efforts.

Photos of Amazon Fashion’s “Pop Up Shop Live” in London This Week

Amazon Fashion is running its first pop-up in the UK this week called “Pop Up Shop Love.” While Amazon has over 600 physical retail venues primarily in North America, this is the first pop-up of this type Amazon has launched in the UK.

How does it look? Here are some photos taken by visitors today:

Amazon is featuring its own private label goods throughout the store, including both clothing as well as electronics.

Amazon is driving some buzz in the UK fashion press as well. Per Vogue UK,

From October 23 – 27, Londoners will be able to purchase a revolving edit of women’s and menswear pieces. Autumn/winter 2018 trends will be the priority for the first two days, followed by fitness gear on the third, and street and partywear on the final days. Events including a beauty trends panel discussion hosted by Vogue beauty and lifestyle director Jessica Diner, a yoga session with Deliciously Ella founder Ella Mills, and Pepe Jeans denim customisation will also be peppered throughout the schedule, along with DJ and acoustic music sets. In short, if you stop by there will be something fabulous going on.

Take a look at Amazon’s agenda for the week below:

And for reference, here’s how Amazon is promoting the event on its UK site:

Amazon Now Offers 24 Varieties of Private Label Cheese

Industry watchers have been paying close attention to Amazon’s growing private label efforts, particularly those efforts in clothing and household goods. Lately, however, we’re seeing interesting private label initiatives from Amazon in the food and beverage categories as well.

As of today, Amazon now offers 24 varieties of its private label Happy Belly cheese. All are currently available through AmazonFresh. They include:

  1. Happy Belly Colby Jack Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  2. Happy Belly Colby Jack Cheese, Snack Sticks, 12 Count, 10 Ounce Pack
  3. Happy Belly Deluxe American Cheese, 24 Slices, 16 Ounce Pack
  4. Happy Belly Medium Cheddar Cheese Block, 32 Ounce
  5. Happy Belly Medium Cheddar Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  6. Happy Belly Mild Cheddar Cheese Block, 16 Ounce
  7. Happy Belly Mozzarella String Cheese, 12 Count, 12 Ounce Pack
  8. Happy Belly Pepper Jack Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  9. Happy Belly Prepared Cheese Product, 24 Singles, 16 Ounce Pack
  10. Happy Belly Sharp Cheddar Cheese Block, 32 Ounce
  11. Happy Belly Shredded Colby Jack Cheese, 8 Ounce
  12. Happy Belly Shredded Mexican Four Cheese Blend, 32 Ounce
  13. Happy Belly Shredded Mexican Four Cheese Blend, 8 ounce
  14. Happy Belly Shredded Mild Cheddar, 16 Ounce
  15. Happy Belly Shredded Mild Cheddar, 8 Ounce
  16. Happy Belly Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  17. Happy Belly Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Low Moisture Part-Skim Milk, 32 Ounce
  18. Happy Belly Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8 Ounce
  19. Happy Belly Sliced Colby Jack Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  20. Happy Belly Sliced Muenster Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  21. Happy Belly Sliced Provolone Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  22. Happy Belly Sliced Sharp Cheddar, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  23. Happy Belly Sliced Swiss Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  24. Happy Belly Swiss Cheese Block, 8 Ounce

Amazon offers Happy Belly Cage Free Eggs, too.

As more grocery spending comes online, we believe Amazon sees an opportunity to take advantages of changing consumer behavior to test consumer brand loyalty in staple perishable categories like dairy.

Currently, top cheese brands on AmazonFresh include Sargento, Tillamook, Kraft, and Kerrygold. Additional brands include Applegate, Organic Valley, Cabot, Land O Lakes, New Bridge, and Cracker Barrel Cheese.

Amazon also sells cheese under Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value private label brand.

Follow TJI as we continue to track Amazon’s private label efforts.

Amazon Launches Conventional and Synthetic Blend AmazonBasics Private Label Motor Oils

Last month, we tracked Amazon’s launch of its first private label motor oils. At the time, it launched 5W-20, 5W-30, and 0W-20 full synthetic variants. A week later, Amazon added full synthetic 0W-40.

Now, Amazon has also launched several conventional private label motor oils. As of today, Amazon has 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50, and 5W-20 conventional variants available for sale.

In addition, Amazon has launched high mileage synthetic blends in 10W-30, 10W-40, 5W-20, and 5W-30 variants. It has also launched high mileage full synthetic formulations in 10W30, 5W-20, and 5W-30. Finally, Amazon also released a 5W-40 full synthetic variant.

Vine reviews for the conventional and high mileage synthetic blends are coming in as of yesterday.

Amazon is selling a 5-quart jug of its conventional 10W-30 motor oil for $16.99. For comparison, Valvoline Daily Protection SAE 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil – Easy Pour 5qt sells for $17.87 on Amazon.

Amazon’s private label motor oils made a splash upon their launch several weeks ago. Amazon’s full synthetic 0W-20 variant has climbed to #31 on Amazon’s best selling motor oils list. AmazonBasics motor oil is also prominently featured in the Top Rated and Most Wished For sections of Amazon’s Motor Oils hub page, along with items from Shell, Castrol, Valvoline, and others.

Like its full synthetic oils, Amazon’s new conventional private label motor oils are supplied by Warren Distribution, according to the product label provided. Warren Distribution is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Its brand portfolio includes MAG 1, Polar, ACCEL Premium, Craftsman Lubricants, and Gumout, in addition to its private label efforts, according to its website.

We expect further developments from Amazon on the private label automotive supplies front in the coming months. Stay tuned to TJI for the latest developments.

New Amazon Exclusive Brand MAREINE Sunglasses Launches

A new Amazon Exclusive brand of sunglasses has launched. MAREINE Sunglasses are the latest sunglasses brand in Amazon’s “Our Brands” lineup.

The new MAREINE brand of sunglasses includes 6 women’s and unisex sunglasses priced from $30 to $40. Vine reviews are dated from the past several weeks. We are not seeing any non-Vine reviews on them yet.

MAREINE will be the third exclusive or private label brand of sunglasses that Amazon sells, joining Obsidian — Amazon’s private label sunglasses brand that launched earlier this year — and OLIEYE — another Amazon Exclusive brand that launched recently as well.

Obsidian sunglasses are priced from $17 to $39 while OLIEYE sunglasses are priced from $14 to $20.

Currently, Amazon’s organic search results for sunglasses are domainated by low-cost brands Polarspex, J+S, SUNGAIT, WearMe Pro, Livhò, Joopin, Rivbos, Woodies, Sojos, Duduma, and AEVOGUE. These largely range from $8-$25.

Amazon’s organic search results also include an Expert Recommendations carousel by OutdoorGearLab that recommends sunglasses in the $60 to $200 range from Oakley and Tifosi.

Top sponsors for sunglasses queries on Amazon.com include Hulislem, Joopin, Dulce, Solar Shield, Rivbos, Rocknight, J+S, and Feisedy.

Amazon promotes several Amazon Choice items atop searches for polarized sunglasses, including items from Gamma Ray, Bolle, Suncloud, and Costa Del Mar.

Big picture, the everyday sunglasses market on Amazon is highly fragmented and dominated by brands without broader consumer recognition. In other words, a market ripe for Amazon to enter with private label and exclusive brands.

As always, continue to follow TJI for the latest on Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts.

New Amazon Exclusive Home Decor Brand “Now House by Jonathan Adler” Launches

Amazon launched a new exclusive home decor brand with designer (and design company) Jonathan Adler yesterday. The companies are positioning the brand, called “Now House by Jonathan Adler,” as, “Fresh, fashionable, photogenic, and stylish AF,” and as “Amazon’s first exclusive designer collection for the home.”

Amazon and Jonathan Adler made a big PR push for the launch as well, with many pop culture, fashion, and design outlets covering the news. Reviews thus far are very positive.

There are 135 products in the lineup at launch, including a variety of home decor items like pillows and canvas art as well as furniture from sofas to side tables.

Amazon is expanding the breadth of its private label and exclusive brand offerings. Now House by Jonathan Adler reflects that the company wants to add lines that appeal to customers with different design sensibilities and budgets. We expect the company to announce additional new exclusive brands in the coming months that expand Amazon’s selection further.

Below: Now House by Jonathan Adler Terrazzo Globe Vase, Priced at $78.00

Amazon Launches Several AmazonBasics Private Label Gaming Accessories

Continuing its expansion in to private label electronics products, Amazon has launched several gaming accessories under its AmazonBasics brand.

The new items include:

Vine reviews are still coming in for most of these items, though the Pro Gaming Headset has no reviews as of yet. The Chat headset has some Vine reviews going back to the summer, but is still getting Vine reviews as of last week as well.

These new products mark Amazon’s biggest push into private label gaming accessories and hardware that we’ve seen to date.

Currently, searches for gaming headsets in Amazon’s US store put products by Logitech and Onikuma at the top of organic search results. Serain and SteelSeries headsets are the top sponsored products in our spot checks. Amazon also includes “Expert Recommendations” on gaming headset searches from BestReviews.

Amazon has launched a hundreds of private label electronics products and accessories under its AmazonBasics brand, from cords and cables to cases and covers.

Follow TJI as we continue to track Amazon’s private label efforts.

A Look at Amazon’s Growing Advertising Sales in India, China, and Across Asia

Amazon’s growing advertising business has raised a lot of eyebrows this year. The company said* it did about $2 billion in advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2018, and that number is generally expected to grow healthily as we approach the holiday season. Ad loads on Amazon search results pages appear very healthy, and Amazon has been attempting to make it easier for advertisers and agencies big and small to spend money on Amazon’s variety of advertising products by simplifying its advertising product branding.

We haven’t heard as much about Amazon’s advertising sales efforts in Asia, but we’re starting to. According to a report by India’s Factor Daily, Amazon ad sales in India are approaching $100 million (we assume this means annual run rate).

Online retailer Amazon has quietly built itself a high margin digital advertising business in India which is closing in on revenues of nearly $100 million, about 5% of money spent online by brands in India… “Amazon doesn’t have its own ad network and agencies don’t yet understand how to use advertising on an e-commerce platform,” said an Amazon executive who did not wish to be named as he is not authorised to speak to the press… Nearly 90% of Amazon’s advertising business in India currently comes from the programmatic and direct sales route.

Amazon is one of the most widely visited web services in India. According to Alexa.com (Amazon’s original and now lesser-known “Alexa” service, which tracks web traffic stats), Amazon.in is the fourth-biggest site in the country.

Ad loads on Amazon.in for popular queries are on par with those in the US. As one example, here are search results pages for “polo shirt” in India and the US, respectively (side note, Amazon private label brands are prominent in both search results as well):

Sponsored results for “polo shirt” on Amazon.in:

Sponsored results for “polo shirt” on Amazon.com:

Amazon continues to hire advertising support staff in Bangalore and Chennai, including those supporting advertisers in other parts of the world, such as Italy and China.

We’ve heard even less about Amazon’s advertising sales efforts in China, Japan, Singapore, and the rest of Asia. Anecdotally, ad loads for “polo 衫” on Amazon.cn show decent ad loads. But perhaps more telling of where Amazon hopes to go with its Chinese advertising efforts is Amazon’s current plans to ramp up its advertising sales staff in the country targeting Chinese advertisers.

Per Amazon.jobs, Amazon is hiring 18 advertising account executives and onboarding specialists out of its Shanghai and Shenzhen offices. These positions reflect the growing number of Chinese brands that Amazon is targeting to bring onto its platform – to reach customers both in China and around the world. Amazon is looking for people with, “Experience working with China-based brands.” As the listings state:

The Amazon Advertising team helps CN-based advertisers to reach Amazon customers globally: on Amazon, across our other owned and operated properties, on other high-quality destinations across the internet, and on millions of Kindles, tablets, and mobile devices.

In addition, Amazon’s onboarding specialsts are focused on helping Amazon’s self-serve/CPC advertising customers ramp up their efforts:

Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands are cost-per-click (CPC) self-serve ad programs in the Amazon Advertising world. In support to the Amazon Advertising’s business, we at Ad Success Team (AST) are building a group of energetic and highly motivated Associate Onboarding Specialists. As an Associate Onboarding Specialist, you will be responsible to help equip them to identify the Advertising business opportunity, review their product listings, create advertising campaigns and help them adopt high value actions on their account to influence their success in advertising.

In Meguro, Amazon Japan is staffing up its ad sales efforts as well, including Head of Vertical Sales for Amazon Media Group, Manager of Campaign & Creative Management, and several Account Executives. Amazon is staffing Japanese advertising onboarding specialists out of Shanghai as well.

Meanwhile, Amazon is continuing to hire ad sales staff in the US (primarily in New York) and Europe (primarily in London, Paris, and Munich), managing accounts, self-serve advertisers, and continuing to build Amazon’s DSP operation.

* Notes on chart above and Amazon’s filings:

  • In 2017 filings, Amazon’s footnote on “Other” revenue said: “Includes sales not otherwise included above, such as certain advertising services and our co-branded credit card agreements.”
  • In 2018 filings, Amazon’s footnote on “Other” revenue said: “Primarily includes sales of advertising services, as well as sales related to our other service offerings.”
  • Starting in 2018, Amazon said it made an accounting methodology change that resulted in an increase in “Other” revenue of $560M in Q1 2018: “Service sales also increased by approximately $560 million due to the reclassification of certain advertising services that were previously classified as a reduction of cost of sales.”

Follow TJI as Amazon continues to evolve its advertising products and the way it works with advertisers and agencies around the world.

New Amazon Exclusive Seasonal Clothing Brand “Celebrate 365” Launches

Of the few hundred Amazon private brands that have launched, only a couple have been focused on highly seasonal apparel. For example, Amazon’s Ugly Fair Isle private label brand is focused on Christmas and Hanukkah themed sweaters.

Now, a new Amazon Exclusive brand called Celebrate 365 has launched that is exclusively selling Halloween themed shirts. For example, this Skull Ice Cream T-Shirt is on sale for $19.99. None of the items have any customer reviews yet.

It’s to be determined if Celebrate 365 will create seasonal clothing throughout the year, but one might surmise so based on its name. (Thus far, Ugly Fair Isle has stuck to winter holiday themed items.)

Seasonal retailer Spirit Halloween is known for its practice of launching 1,000 Halloween themed retail stores each fall. The practice works well when real estate is more readily available. In a stronger economy, finding seasonal real estate can be more challenging.

2 New Amazon Exclusive Food and Grocery Brands Identified

As we continue to track Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts, we have identified 2 new Amazon Exclusive apparel and accessories brands that have recently launched. Amazon Exclusive brands are labeled “Our Brands” by Amazon but are owned by third parties.

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