Innocor Launches Revel, A New Amazon Exclusive Mattress/Topper/Pillow Brand

Innocor, the foam maker who makes LURAcor foam included in Amazon’s Rivet Foam Mattress which we discovered on Friday, has also launched its own new Amazon Exclusive mattress, topper, and pillow brand called Revel.

The Revel Hybrid Cool Mattress ranges in price from $299 for a twin to $469 for a king. It’s a 3-layer, “12” hypoallergenic memory foam mattress with 3″ Revel All Climate Cooling Gel top layer, 2″ Revel LiftTex Alternative Latex foam with airflow channels, and 7″ long-lasting DuraBase foam.”

Revel has also launched a set of mattress toppers ranging in price from $89 to $179 and pillows ranging from $32 to $54. Vine reviews for the new Revel products have been coming in over the last many weeks.

Innocor both builds consumer brands through its Innocor Comfort/Sleep Innovations division and serves commercial customers through its Innocor Foam Technologies division. For example, the Amazon Rivet mattress uses products delivered by IFT.

The Revel mattress marks the third “Our Brand” mattress for sale on Amazon. Amazon has previously launched AmazonBasics and Rivet private label foam mattresses. The Revel is the first Amazon Exclusive mattress brand that we have seen. Amazon has launched over 120 private label brands to date.

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Amazon Launches New Private Label Furniture Brand, Ravenna Home

Over the last year, Amazon has made major moves into the private label furniture market, with the rapid growth and expansion of its Rivet and Stone & Beam brands.

Today, Amazon’s private label furniture offensive takes another big step forward with the launch of Amazon’s third private label furniture brand: Ravenna Home.

Whereas Rivet focuses on mid-century modern styles and Stone & Beam offers a variety of “casual comfort” furniture across price rangers, Ravenna Home is positioned as “classic style made simple” and “great value.” For example, the seven sofas available at launch range in price from $799 to $849.

The new brand is launching with 60 items as of today. Many items included in the launch have received a handful of Vine reviews (i.e. from Amazon users who signed up to receive free products and post reviews about them).

In what continues to be a challenge to traditional furniture retailers, Amazon is offering free shipping and free returns within 30 days of delivery on Ravenna Home as it does all Amazon furniture brands.

“We are excited to expand our selection of private label furniture with the launch of Ravenna Home, our newest line of timeless everyday furniture offered at a great value. Ravenna Home makes it easier than ever for customers to furnish their homes hassle-free—without breaking the bank—with a range of beautiful sofas, chairs, coffee tables, lighting and much more to choose from. Customers shopping Ravenna Home receive free shipping and returns on all products within 30 days of delivery, and orders can arrive on their doorsteps in as little as two days from purchase,” an Amazon spokesperson tells us.

Just 10 days ago, Amazon’s new exclusive home decor brand “Now House by Jonathan Adler” launched.

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Amazon Launches Rivet Foam Mattress, Its Second Private Label Mattress-in-a-Box

Four weeks ago today, we discovered that Amazon had launched its first AmazonBasics private label foam mattress. It was the first time Amazon had extended its private label offerings into the hotly contested mattress market.

Now, we are seeing that Amazon has just launched its second private label brand foam mattresses.  The new Rivet Memory Foam Mattress is now live on Amazon in full, queen, and king sizes.

Rivet brand foam mattresses are being positioned upmarket from the AmazonBasics brand foam mattresses. Rivet prices range from $449 (Full) to $624.99 (King).  By contrast, the AmazonBasics foam mattress sells for $169.99 (Full) to $349.99 (12-inch King). Overall, the Rivet mattress is priced at about twice the AmazonBasics mattress.

Amazon has incorporated Celliant mineral blends and LURAcor foam into the Rivet mattress. Customers can return the mattress for a full refund within 100 nights.

The Rivet brand mattresses are launching with 21 Vine reviews as of today. (Vine is an Amazon program in which customers are provided items for free in exchange for posting reviews for items they receive.)

Top selling foam mattresses on Amazon include items from Zinus, Linenspa, Modway, Tuft & Needle, and LUCID.

Amazon’s expanding mattress efforts will surely catch the attention of US mattress giants, DNVB mattress brands, and mattress retailers. Amazon has launched over 120 private label brands to date.

Entrenched mattress industry leaders like Tempur Sealy and Serta Simmons have offered brands like Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Serta and Beautyrest for a long time. Over recent years, startups like Casper, Tuft & Needle, Purple, Leesa, Nectar, Helix, and Saatva have gone direct to consumer online (though some are starting to build out a retail presence as well). In August, Serta Simmons agreed to merge with T&N. Sealy has also launched its own direct to consumer brand called Cocoon.

Amazon’s expansion into the market could add pressure to both manufacturers as well as large US mattress retailers like Mattress Warehouse, Ashley Homestore, Haverty’s, Ikea, Rooms To Go, and others. Earlier this month, Mattress Firm filed for bankruptcy.

The AmazonBasics mattress is priced substantially lower than comparable products from other brands, and so far, it’s received an average review of 4 stars. We’ll be keeping an eye on reviews of the Rivet mattress over the coming days and weeks to see how much customers are satisfied.

As always, stay tuned to TJI for the latest as we continue to track Amazon’s private label efforts.

Choice, A New Amazon Exclusive Brand of Blood Monitors, Launches

Choice, a new Amazon Exclusive brand of blood monitoring devices and related accessories, has just launched. It’s the creation of Arcadia Group out of Atlanta, which previously created the ReliOn brand for Walmart.

The move is a sign of Amazon’s desires to increase its private brand coverage of health care supplies and consumer medical devices, and in general to become more pharmacy-like. A number of Amazon Exclusive brands providing OTC medicines have launched recently on Amazon, along with the growth of Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts in general.

“The new Choice brand will start with a range of blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors both with supporting mobile apps which offer measurement tracking, data mobility and reminders,” Arcadia said in its announcement. “The brand is positioned to offer exceptional value versus what is available at traditional retail pharmacy outlets.”

“I approached Amazon because they are obviously expanding their healthcare footprint and people with diabetes could benefit by having Amazon make products and devices easier to access and more affordable. We have been in development for over a year now and plan to aggressively expand our offering the better serve people with chronic disease such as diabetes (30 million US) and hypertension (130 million US),” Arcadia CEO Bob Guest tells us.

Guest also says the Choice brand will expand into related product areas over the course of the coming year.

Amazon currently sells glucose blood monitors and testing kits from O’Well, CareTouch, Contour NEXT, KETO-MOJO, iHealth, Bayer, PTS Diagnostics, FreeStyle, Precision Xtra, and others. O’Well, Contour NEXT, KETO-MOJO, and iHealth are currently advertising with sponsored product listings within Amazon searches.

Amazon is considering a number of health care initiatives, and seems quite interested in the space more broadly. Amazon has been ramping up its B2B healthcare sales efforts, has patented Alexa technology to determine when someone has certain sicknesses based on their voice, and is part of a joint health care venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan. Amazon closed its Pillpack acquisition in September.

As Amazon’s health care initiatives evolve, continue to follow TJI for the latest.

Dillanos Coffee Roasters Parent Launches Amazon Exclusive Home Harvest Coffee Brand

The parent company of Dillanos Coffee Roasters, a wholesale coffee roaster based in Sumner, Washington, has launched an Amazon Exclusive coffee brand called Home Harvest Coffee.

Home Harvest joins a growing list of Amazon private label and exclusive coffee brands in the US. Amazon is ramping up its exclusive brand efforts through programs like its Amazon Accelerator. Amazon Exclusive coffee brands currently include Corner One Coffee, Crave Coffee, My Coffee, and Pier 3 Coffee, alongside a variety of coffees within Amazon’s Happy Belly and AmazonFresh private label brands.

Currently, Home Harvest is offering 3 products: a signature blend, a breakfast blend, and a french roast. Products are available in a 1 lb bag, 2 lb bag, and (some) in Nespresso capsules. Dillanos says it has 65 employees and “roasts for some of the country’s most recognized specialty coffee brands and cafes.” Dillanos has not yet responded to our request for comment.

A wide variety of brands are selling coffee on Amazon. Amazon is also selling its own private label brands of coffee via its AmazonFresh and 365 Everyday Value brands.

Top sponsors for coffee searches on Amazon include Death Wish, Seattle’s Best, and Peet’s. Death Wish and Starbucks are also best sellers.

Original Donut Shop Keurig K-Cups, Folgers, and Dunkin’ Donuts are also prominently featured on coffee search results under a “Customers ultimately bought” heading near the top of the page.

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Photos of Amazon Fashion’s “Pop Up Shop Live” in London This Week

Amazon Fashion is running its first pop-up in the UK this week called “Pop Up Shop Love.” While Amazon has over 600 physical retail venues primarily in North America, this is the first pop-up of this type Amazon has launched in the UK.

How does it look? Here are some photos taken by visitors today:

Amazon is featuring its own private label goods throughout the store, including both clothing as well as electronics.

Amazon is driving some buzz in the UK fashion press as well. Per Vogue UK,

From October 23 – 27, Londoners will be able to purchase a revolving edit of women’s and menswear pieces. Autumn/winter 2018 trends will be the priority for the first two days, followed by fitness gear on the third, and street and partywear on the final days. Events including a beauty trends panel discussion hosted by Vogue beauty and lifestyle director Jessica Diner, a yoga session with Deliciously Ella founder Ella Mills, and Pepe Jeans denim customisation will also be peppered throughout the schedule, along with DJ and acoustic music sets. In short, if you stop by there will be something fabulous going on.

Take a look at Amazon’s agenda for the week below:

And for reference, here’s how Amazon is promoting the event on its UK site:

Amazon Now Offers 24 Varieties of Private Label Cheese

Industry watchers have been paying close attention to Amazon’s growing private label efforts, particularly those efforts in clothing and household goods. Lately, however, we’re seeing interesting private label initiatives from Amazon in the food and beverage categories as well.

As of today, Amazon now offers 24 varieties of its private label Happy Belly cheese. All are currently available through AmazonFresh. They include:

  1. Happy Belly Colby Jack Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  2. Happy Belly Colby Jack Cheese, Snack Sticks, 12 Count, 10 Ounce Pack
  3. Happy Belly Deluxe American Cheese, 24 Slices, 16 Ounce Pack
  4. Happy Belly Medium Cheddar Cheese Block, 32 Ounce
  5. Happy Belly Medium Cheddar Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  6. Happy Belly Mild Cheddar Cheese Block, 16 Ounce
  7. Happy Belly Mozzarella String Cheese, 12 Count, 12 Ounce Pack
  8. Happy Belly Pepper Jack Cheese Block, 8 Ounce
  9. Happy Belly Prepared Cheese Product, 24 Singles, 16 Ounce Pack
  10. Happy Belly Sharp Cheddar Cheese Block, 32 Ounce
  11. Happy Belly Shredded Colby Jack Cheese, 8 Ounce
  12. Happy Belly Shredded Mexican Four Cheese Blend, 32 Ounce
  13. Happy Belly Shredded Mexican Four Cheese Blend, 8 ounce
  14. Happy Belly Shredded Mild Cheddar, 16 Ounce
  15. Happy Belly Shredded Mild Cheddar, 8 Ounce
  16. Happy Belly Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  17. Happy Belly Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Low Moisture Part-Skim Milk, 32 Ounce
  18. Happy Belly Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8 Ounce
  19. Happy Belly Sliced Colby Jack Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  20. Happy Belly Sliced Muenster Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  21. Happy Belly Sliced Provolone Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  22. Happy Belly Sliced Sharp Cheddar, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  23. Happy Belly Sliced Swiss Cheese, 10 Slices, 8 Ounce Pack
  24. Happy Belly Swiss Cheese Block, 8 Ounce

Amazon offers Happy Belly Cage Free Eggs, too.

As more grocery spending comes online, we believe Amazon sees an opportunity to take advantages of changing consumer behavior to test consumer brand loyalty in staple perishable categories like dairy.

Currently, top cheese brands on AmazonFresh include Sargento, Tillamook, Kraft, and Kerrygold. Additional brands include Applegate, Organic Valley, Cabot, Land O Lakes, New Bridge, and Cracker Barrel Cheese.

Amazon also sells cheese under Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value private label brand.

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Amazon Launches Conventional and Synthetic Blend AmazonBasics Private Label Motor Oils

Last month, we tracked Amazon’s launch of its first private label motor oils. At the time, it launched 5W-20, 5W-30, and 0W-20 full synthetic variants. A week later, Amazon added full synthetic 0W-40.

Now, Amazon has also launched several conventional private label motor oils. As of today, Amazon has 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 20W-50, and 5W-20 conventional variants available for sale.

In addition, Amazon has launched high mileage synthetic blends in 10W-30, 10W-40, 5W-20, and 5W-30 variants. It has also launched high mileage full synthetic formulations in 10W30, 5W-20, and 5W-30. Finally, Amazon also released a 5W-40 full synthetic variant.

Vine reviews for the conventional and high mileage synthetic blends are coming in as of yesterday.

Amazon is selling a 5-quart jug of its conventional 10W-30 motor oil for $16.99. For comparison, Valvoline Daily Protection SAE 10W-30 Conventional Motor Oil – Easy Pour 5qt sells for $17.87 on Amazon.

Amazon’s private label motor oils made a splash upon their launch several weeks ago. Amazon’s full synthetic 0W-20 variant has climbed to #31 on Amazon’s best selling motor oils list. AmazonBasics motor oil is also prominently featured in the Top Rated and Most Wished For sections of Amazon’s Motor Oils hub page, along with items from Shell, Castrol, Valvoline, and others.

Like its full synthetic oils, Amazon’s new conventional private label motor oils are supplied by Warren Distribution, according to the product label provided. Warren Distribution is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Its brand portfolio includes MAG 1, Polar, ACCEL Premium, Craftsman Lubricants, and Gumout, in addition to its private label efforts, according to its website.

We expect further developments from Amazon on the private label automotive supplies front in the coming months. Stay tuned to TJI for the latest developments.

New Amazon Exclusive Brand MAREINE Sunglasses Launches

A new Amazon Exclusive brand of sunglasses has launched. MAREINE Sunglasses are the latest sunglasses brand in Amazon’s “Our Brands” lineup.

The new MAREINE brand of sunglasses includes 6 women’s and unisex sunglasses priced from $30 to $40. Vine reviews are dated from the past several weeks. We are not seeing any non-Vine reviews on them yet.

MAREINE will be the third exclusive or private label brand of sunglasses that Amazon sells, joining Obsidian — Amazon’s private label sunglasses brand that launched earlier this year — and OLIEYE — another Amazon Exclusive brand that launched recently as well.

Obsidian sunglasses are priced from $17 to $39 while OLIEYE sunglasses are priced from $14 to $20.

Currently, Amazon’s organic search results for sunglasses are domainated by low-cost brands Polarspex, J+S, SUNGAIT, WearMe Pro, Livhò, Joopin, Rivbos, Woodies, Sojos, Duduma, and AEVOGUE. These largely range from $8-$25.

Amazon’s organic search results also include an Expert Recommendations carousel by OutdoorGearLab that recommends sunglasses in the $60 to $200 range from Oakley and Tifosi.

Top sponsors for sunglasses queries on include Hulislem, Joopin, Dulce, Solar Shield, Rivbos, Rocknight, J+S, and Feisedy.

Amazon promotes several Amazon Choice items atop searches for polarized sunglasses, including items from Gamma Ray, Bolle, Suncloud, and Costa Del Mar.

Big picture, the everyday sunglasses market on Amazon is highly fragmented and dominated by brands without broader consumer recognition. In other words, a market ripe for Amazon to enter with private label and exclusive brands.

As always, continue to follow TJI for the latest on Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts.

New Amazon Exclusive Home Decor Brand “Now House by Jonathan Adler” Launches

Amazon launched a new exclusive home decor brand with designer (and design company) Jonathan Adler yesterday. The companies are positioning the brand, called “Now House by Jonathan Adler,” as, “Fresh, fashionable, photogenic, and stylish AF,” and as “Amazon’s first exclusive designer collection for the home.”

Amazon and Jonathan Adler made a big PR push for the launch as well, with many pop culture, fashion, and design outlets covering the news. Reviews thus far are very positive.

There are 135 products in the lineup at launch, including a variety of home decor items like pillows and canvas art as well as furniture from sofas to side tables.

Amazon is expanding the breadth of its private label and exclusive brand offerings. Now House by Jonathan Adler reflects that the company wants to add lines that appeal to customers with different design sensibilities and budgets. We expect the company to announce additional new exclusive brands in the coming months that expand Amazon’s selection further.

Below: Now House by Jonathan Adler Terrazzo Globe Vase, Priced at $78.00