Choice, A New Amazon Exclusive Brand of Blood Monitors, Launches

Choice, a new Amazon Exclusive brand of blood monitoring devices and related accessories, has just launched. It’s the creation of Arcadia Group out of Atlanta, which previously created the ReliOn brand for Walmart.

The move is a sign of Amazon’s desires to increase its private brand coverage of health care supplies and consumer medical devices, and in general to become more pharmacy-like. A number of Amazon Exclusive brands providing OTC medicines have launched recently on Amazon, along with the growth of Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts in general.

“The new Choice brand will start with a range of blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors both with supporting mobile apps which offer measurement tracking, data mobility and reminders,”¬†Arcadia said in¬†its announcement. “The brand is positioned to offer exceptional value versus what is available at traditional retail pharmacy outlets.”

“I approached Amazon because they are obviously expanding their healthcare footprint and people with diabetes could benefit by having Amazon make products and devices easier to access and more affordable. We have been in development for over a year now and plan to aggressively expand our offering the better serve people with chronic disease such as diabetes (30 million US) and hypertension (130 million US),” Arcadia CEO Bob Guest tells us.

Guest also says the Choice brand will expand into related product areas over the course of the coming year.

Amazon currently sells glucose blood monitors and testing kits from O’Well, CareTouch, Contour NEXT, KETO-MOJO, iHealth, Bayer, PTS Diagnostics, FreeStyle, Precision Xtra, and others. O’Well, Contour NEXT, KETO-MOJO, and iHealth are currently advertising with sponsored product listings within Amazon searches.

Amazon is considering a number of health care initiatives, and seems quite interested in the space more broadly. Amazon has been ramping up its B2B healthcare sales efforts, has patented Alexa technology to determine when someone has certain sicknesses based on their voice, and is part of a joint health care venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan. Amazon closed its Pillpack acquisition in September.

As Amazon’s health care initiatives evolve, continue to follow TJI for the latest.