Introducing the TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map

TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map – The Comprehensive Independent List of Amazon Physical Retail Locations
Now tracking 629 physical locations and venues.

Since 2015, when Amazon opened its first physical retail store (Amazon Books in Seattle’s University Village), Amazon has been growing its physical retail presence throughout North America. When Amazon acquired Whole Foods, it added hundreds of new locations. Now, Amazon operates over 600 physical retail venues, ranging from its Amazon Go automated food stores to its roving Amazon Treasure Trucks.

As Sears announces it is entering bankruptcy proceedings today,  Amazon continues to grow its physical retail footprint. But while Amazon has hundreds of physical retail locations, there’s no singular comprehensive reference for professionals and analysts to find all of Amazon’s physical retail locations in one place. That’s why we have created the TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map — the comprehensive independent list of Amazon physical retail locations.

Amazon Go (6)
Amazon 4-star (2)
Amazon Books (18)
Whole Foods Market (480)
Whole Foods 365 (10)
Allegro Coffee Roasters (7)
Amazon Treasure Truck (25)
Amazon Pop-Ups (67)
Amazon Smart Home Experience Pop-Ups (14)

From Amazon Go to Whole Foods 365 to Amazon Pop-Ups, and Everything in Between

The breadth of Amazon’s physical retail operations is increasing. The TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map tracks Amazon Go, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Books, Whole Foods, Whole Foods 365, Allegro Coffee Roasters, Amazon Treasure Truck, Amazon Pop-Ups, and Amazon Smart Home Experience Pop-Ups locations. As Amazon adds more, we’ll track them, too.

Dive In

Amazon continues to create new products and services regularly, and we expect the number is only going to grow.

TheTJI Amazon Physical Retail Map is a starting point for researchers and analysts to navigate Amazon’s physical retail portfolio.

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