Introducing the TJI Amazon Product Database

TJI Amazon Product Database – The Comprehensive Independent List of Amazon Products and Services

Amazon plays a growing or leadership role in a wide variety of consumer and commercial industries, including internet retail, physical retail, internet infrastructure, media production and distribution (across television, film, music, books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, gaming, streaming, and more), consumer electronics and integrated software services, home services, building automation and security, global and local logistics networks, payment tools, advertising services, government services, and more.

But while Amazon offers hundreds of B2C, B2B, and AWS products and programs, there’s no singular comprehensive reference for professionals, analysts, and journalists to find all of Amazon’s products and services in one place. That’s why we have created the TJI Amazon Product Database — the comprehensive independent list of Amazon products and services.


From Prime Book Box Kids to Merch Collab, TensorFlow on AWS to Amazon Echo Wall Clock, and Everything in Between

The breadth of Amazon’s operations is hard to imagine. Amazon’s half-million-plus employees are building the systems that will power the smart home, and the services that power much of the internet today. They’re building an array of subscription services, and designing chips. They’re managing global logistics, and building food delivery platforms. They’re building a fast growing advertising platform, and integrating Alexa in cars. And more, and more, and more.

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Amazon continues to create new products and services regularly, and we expect the number is only going to grow.

The TJI Amazon Product Database is a starting point for researchers and analysts to navigate the breadth and depth of Amazon’s products and services.

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