New Amazon Exclusive Brand MAREINE Sunglasses Launches

A new Amazon Exclusive brand of sunglasses has launched. MAREINE Sunglasses are the latest sunglasses brand in Amazon’s “Our Brands” lineup.

The new MAREINE brand of sunglasses includes 6 women’s and unisex sunglasses priced from $30 to $40. Vine reviews are dated from the past several weeks. We are not seeing any non-Vine reviews on them yet.

MAREINE will be the third exclusive or private label brand of sunglasses that Amazon sells, joining Obsidian — Amazon’s private label sunglasses brand that launched earlier this year — and OLIEYE — another Amazon Exclusive brand that launched recently as well.

Obsidian sunglasses are priced from $17 to $39 while OLIEYE sunglasses are priced from $14 to $20.

Currently, Amazon’s organic search results for sunglasses are domainated by low-cost brands Polarspex, J+S, SUNGAIT, WearMe Pro, Livhò, Joopin, Rivbos, Woodies, Sojos, Duduma, and AEVOGUE. These largely range from $8-$25.

Amazon’s organic search results also include an Expert Recommendations carousel by OutdoorGearLab that recommends sunglasses in the $60 to $200 range from Oakley and Tifosi.

Top sponsors for sunglasses queries on include Hulislem, Joopin, Dulce, Solar Shield, Rivbos, Rocknight, J+S, and Feisedy.

Amazon promotes several Amazon Choice items atop searches for polarized sunglasses, including items from Gamma Ray, Bolle, Suncloud, and Costa Del Mar.

Big picture, the everyday sunglasses market on Amazon is highly fragmented and dominated by brands without broader consumer recognition. In other words, a market ripe for Amazon to enter with private label and exclusive brands.

As always, continue to follow TJI for the latest on Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts.

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