New Amazon Exclusive Seasonal Clothing Brand “Celebrate 365” Launches

Of the few hundred Amazon private brands that have launched, only a couple have been focused on highly seasonal apparel. For example, Amazon’s Ugly Fair Isle private label brand is focused on Christmas and Hanukkah themed sweaters.

Now, a new Amazon Exclusive brand called Celebrate 365 has launched that is exclusively selling Halloween themed shirts. For example, this Skull Ice Cream T-Shirt is on sale for $19.99. None of the items have any customer reviews yet.

It’s to be determined if Celebrate 365 will create seasonal clothing throughout the year, but one might surmise so based on its name. (Thus far, Ugly Fair Isle has stuck to winter holiday themed items.)

Seasonal retailer Spirit Halloween is known for its practice of launching 1,000 Halloween themed retail stores each fall. The practice works well when real estate is more readily available. In a stronger economy, finding seasonal real estate can be more challenging.

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