New Twitch Extensions Allow Shopping While Streaming

Amazon held its TwitchCon annual conference for streamers and fans last week in San Jose. During the week several new Twitch Extensions were announced, including Snap Camera by Snap, Character Trigger by Adobe, Tiltify Donations, Twitch Arcade by Amazon Game Studios, and Amazon Blacksmith by Amazon.

One interesting extension that could catch the eye of both streamers and retailers alike is a new merch store extension that allows shopping while streaming. The extension is created by Design by Humans and FaZe Clan launched the first store. Here’s how it looks:

“Before today, fans had to open up new tabs to snag their favorite hoodies and jerseys. Now, viewers can shop as they watch creators win chicken dinners,” Robbie Lim of Amazon writes.

“By building an Extension, we were able to embed a full ecommerce experience, from product discovery to checkout, all while keeping our fans where they wanted to be in the first place — watching livestreams on Twitch,” said Ben Sack, CTO of FaZe Clan.

Here’s the extension listing for streamers:

It reads, “Sell FaZe Clan merchandise and products from your Twitch channel. Your viewers see an embedded widget where they can browse, add to cart, and make purchases without leaving Twitch. Best of all, you earn commissions on all sales generated by your channel. #FaZeUp”

In-stream merchandising is an interesting opportunity for streamers and brands alike. We’ll be tracking this space.

“More brands are coming soon!” Amazon says.