SOUQ Launches Amazon Global Store, Opens 1M Items to Saudi Arabia

Amazon has announced that is is launching an Amazon Global Store on SOUQ, its e-commerce site and platform serving customers in the Middle East. Per Amazon:

Amazon Global Store on SOUQ offers a completely localized and effortless experience for customers in the KSA: Customers can shop in Arabic or English and pay in SAR using their local credit cards or cash on delivery (COD). Customers will see prices in SAR inclusive of import fee deposits at checkout (where applicable) – without any unexpected fees added later. With Amazon Global Store’s hassle-free customs clearance, purchases are delivered right to customers’ door steps. SOUQ offers two convenient delivery options for Amazon Global Store, from click to delivery: priority (2-5 business days) and standard (6-10 business days).

Let’s take a look at how the integration looks. First, here’s how the Amazon Global Store is promoted on the SOUQ home page (it’s pretty prominent — just below the fold):

Now, let’s compare the listings of an item for sale on in the US with the same listing in AGS on SOUQ.


They’re remarkably similar, with real-time inventory data syndicated to SOUQ as well.

The logistical operation here is impressive. In addition, Amazon is offering, “Local Customer Service and hassle free returns within 30 days.”

Amazon is doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make international e-commerce simpler for merchants and customers. That is going to pay off in the long run.

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