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TJI is uniquely focused on Amazon.

TJI Research provides a comprehensive picture of changes happening across Amazon’s businesses through a combination of primary research and our assessment of new information from around the world.

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Executives, entrepreneurs, and analysts rely on TJI. TJI subscribers gain access to our latest information and data about Amazon.

Smart briefings for leaders

With TJI, leaders gain insights about Amazon products, services, and strategies, including:

  • Private brands
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Smart home
  • The Alexa hardware and software services ecosystem
  • Physical retail and grocery
  • 1P and 3P Marketplace
  • Advertising
  • Publishing and entertainment
  • Political and PR matters
  • The latest on Amazon’s emerging efforts in various industries, as they happen

A TJI subscription gives you access to our member briefings and analysis as they happen.

Original research

In addition to analyzing information from diverse sources from around the world, we conduct our own primary research for subscribers.

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Contact us to inquire about subscription options.



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