The 2nd Amazon 4-star Store Opens Today on the 2nd Floor of a Suburban Denver Mall

Five weeks after the opening of its first Amazon 4-star store in SoHo in Manhattan, Amazon is opening its 2nd 4-star store today in the Denver suburb of Lone Tree.

The TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map has been updated to reflect today’s opening.

“Amazon 4-star at Park Meadows” was previously listed by Amazon as an  “Amazon Books at Park Meadows” location opening soon. Amazon either changed its plans for the location, or always planned to make this location a 4-star but didn’t want to name it that prior to the first 4-star being announced a few weeks ago.

Unlike Amazon’s first 4-star store, which is located on street level in Manhattan, Amazon 4-star #2 is located on the second floor of the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree (20 miles south of Denver), across from a Macy’s.

Like the SoHo store, it will feature a selection of curated goods – though with a local twist. The Amazon 4-star in Lone Tree will include a selection of sports and outdoor items, as well as Denver-area best-sellers.