The Selena Gomez Collection Launches on Amazon’s “The Celebrity Store”

A month after James Harden, Zac Efron, and Adriana Lima launched “Celebrity Fitness Stores” within Amazon’s The Celebrity Store, Serena Gomez is joining the lineup with the launch of The Selena Gomez Collection.

The Selena Gomez Collection contains items from the Strong Girl collection that Gomez designed for Puma that launched just before the holiday season.

Unlike the three Celebrity Fitness Stores, which contain a wide variety of fitness items and brands, the Selena Gomez store is essentially a custom page from the Puma store on Amazon listing products to buy, such as shoes and bags.

Amazon is promoting the launch with the following banner ad:

Gomez brings Amazon’s “The Celebrity Store” celebrity count to 28. Amazon first launched the hub in October of last year.

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