TJI Amazon Briefing for January 3, 2019

Good afternoon, and Happy New Year!

As we begin 2019, we anticipate a year of substantial developments in several core themes we will be tracking closely:

  1. Amazon’s health care initiatives – Amazon has been ramping up various building blocks in health care, from enterprise healthcare supply sales to pharmaceuticals to Alexa-enabled consumer touch-points. 2019 is likely to be a year of continued investment and new product launches.
  2. Amazon’s physical retail initiatives – In 2018, between Go, 4-star, Books, and Whole Foods, we saw several directional indications of where Amazon is going. 2019 is likely to include substantial new developments for Amazon’s physical retail strategy.
  3. Amazon’s private label initiatives – Amazon vastly expanded its private label product categories and brands over the last 12 months. In 2019, Amazon is likely to dig in and continue building out “Our Brands” and how these initiatives affect various retail categories.
  4. Amazon’s logistics infrastructure initiatives – Amazon continued to invest substantially in both long-haul and last-mile logistics in 2018. In 2019, we expect new developments across land, sea, and air, from Prime Air to DSP, and everything in between.
  5. Amazon’s Alexa integration initiatives – Amazon shed substantial light on its thinking about the future of Alexa in 2018, in areas ranging from smart home to automotive to commercial real estate. We expect to see substantial new developments here in 2019.
  6. Amazon’s advertising initiatives – In 2018, Amazon became the third largest online advertising platform in the US behind Google and Facebook, and the train shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon is likely to further expand these efforts, from video to DSP, in 2019.

And these are only the beginning. We will continue to focus our efforts on tracking what Amazon is doing and where it is going, and earning your continued trust, in 2019.

With that, on to today’s briefing…

Good afternoon!

This is the TJI Amazon Briefing for January 3, 2019. 

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