10 Amazon Exclusive Brands Added to TJI Amazon Brand Database

We’ve added 10 Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” to the TJI Amazon Brand Database. The new brands we’re seeing are across furniture, grocery, medical supplies, and more.

The new brands are:

  1. 2L Lifestyle – furniture
  2. Ball & Cast – furniture
  3. Condiment Dysfunction – sauces
  4. Fyx – tools
  5. Jackie’s Kitchen – spices
  6. Kewlify – dietary supplements
  7. Regency – chocolate truffles
  8. RespLabs Medical – medical equipment supplies
  9. Soxart – socks
  10. Summit Tools – tools

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Amazon Launches Private Label Toothbrushes

Continuing its expansion into private label personal care products, Amazon has quietly launched its first private label toothbrushes, we are seeing. The increased oral care selection builds on Amazon’s growing portfolio of private label health and beauty products.

The Solimo brand items we are seeing are:

In terms of competitive positioning, Amazon says the following on product description pages:

  • If you like Colgate Extra Clean Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Clean Plus Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Multi Pro Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Colgate 360 Toothbrushes, we invite you to try Solimo Orbit Toothbrushes”
  • If you like Crest 3D White Classic Vivid Teeth Whitestrips, we invite you to try Solimo Whitening Strips Kit”
  • “If you like Glide Oral-B Comfort Plus Floss, we invite you to try Solimo Extra Comfort Mint Dental Floss”

While Amazon has previously released other private label oral care products like mouthwashes, this is the first time we have seen Amazon launch private label toothbrushes, whitening strips, and dental floss.

Last month, Amazon also launched its 5-Blade “MotionSphere” Razor, as well as other health & personal care products under the Solimo brand.

In addition, Amazon has launched private label replacement heads for various brands of electric toothbrushes. The items we are seeing include:

Solimo is one of Amazon’s fastest growing private label brands, both in the US and around the world, with coverage across CPG categories.

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Amazon Launches Due East Apparel, a New Private Label Activewear Brand

As it continues its private label expansion, Amazon has quietly launched a women’s activewear brand called Due East Apparel, we are seeing.

Currently Due East Apparel lists 8 items, ranging from sports bras to yoga pants, yoga shirts, and exercise shirts. Amazon’s product description reads: “Due East Apparel – Fashion meets Function, we had been trying to add more design elements on activewears while retaining their functions and our series will cover sports bras, shorts, tops, leggings and more. Due East Apparel: Being ‘Trend Conscious’.”

Due East is not Amazon’s first yoga gear label. Just last month, Amazon launched Truity, a new private label “professional yoga” brand, we found. Amazon has launched yoga pants and athletic apparel under a number of its other private label brands, including Core 10, Mint Lilac, 7Goals, and others.

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Beurer Launches innoHaus, a New Amazon Exclusive Brand of Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices

Beurer, a century-old European healthcare and beauty brand, has quietly launched a new brand of Amazon Exclusive blood pressure monitoring devices called innoHaus, we believe. The Amazon product pages for the devices have gone live with several Vine reviews.

While the company has made no official announcements (as is commonly the case with Amazon Exclusive brands), the products are now live on Amazon.com and labeled “Our Brand” by Amazon. Beurer owns the innoHaus trademark and is listed as the contact on innoHaus’ website. innoHaus also makes other products in the health and home categories.

innoHaus is the second Amazon Exclusive brand of blood pressure monitoring devices that we have found. The other is Choice, which was launched by Arcadia Group in October. We have added innoHaus to the TJI Amazon Brand Database.

The launch is another sign of Amazon’s desires to increase its private brand coverage of health care supplies and consumer medical devices, and in general to become more pharmacy-like. A number of Amazon Exclusive brands providing OTC medicines have launched recently on Amazon, along with the growth of Amazon’s private label and exclusive brand efforts in general.

As we outline in our TJI Amazon Healthcare Overview, Amazon is making increasingly substantial moves in healthcare, both in B2C and B2B.

Not only has it become a large purveyor of healthcare supplies, but it is also investing in the growth of PillPack, the online pharmacy it acquired last year. Alexa is playing a growing role in healthcare management, and AWS powers a wide array of backend healthcare applications and services. And everyone is closely watching Amazon’s new non-profit-seeking healthcare joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase.

We see many new potential healthcare growth opportunities for Amazon, including diagnostics, evaluation, treatment, fulfillment, and insurance. As Amazon’s healthcare initiatives evolve, continue to follow TJI for the latest.


13 Amazon Exclusive Brands Added to TJI Amazon Brand Database

We’ve added 13 Amazon Exclusive “Our Brands” to the TJI Amazon Brand Database. The new brands we’re seeing are across health care, automotive, cosmetics, and more.

The new brands are:

  1. Clean Revolution – cleaning products
  2. innoHaus – blood pressure monitors
  3. Mudflower Cosmetics – cosmetics products
  4. Mystic Botanicals – hair care products
  5. Nu Smiile – oral care products
  6. Sacred Shea Skincare – skin care products
  7. AKOA (UK) – activewear
  8. MotoDia (UK) – car tools
  9. Pro User (UK) – car cameras
  10. Probus (UK) – baking accessories
  11. Safe Travel (UK) – car mats
  12. VQue (UK) – women’s pullovers and sweaters
  13. Windsoroyal (UK) – jackets and gloves

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Amazon Books Appears to be Coming Soon to Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping District

Last November, Amazon opened its first Amazon 4-star store in Colorado inside the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, about 20 miles south of downtown. Now, Amazon appears to be preparing to open its first Amazon Books store in Colorado in the Cherry Creek shopping district in Denver.

Amazon Books signs are now hanging on the building at 2787 E 2nd Ave. Windows are still covered in construction paper. Unlike the Amazon 4-star in Lone Tree, which is inside a big mall, the new Amazon Books is in a densely populated commercial zone with heavy foot traffic. The space is on the ground floor of a new eight-story office building that is still being finished.

Initial permits for the new location were first identified by BusinessDen last fall. No opening date has yet been announced by Amazon that we have seen. If the past is any indication, Amazon will open the store without much notice ahead of time.

The Amazon Books in Cherry Creek could become Amazon’s 19th Books store to date (assuming another Amazon Books store under construction doesn’t open first).

While Whole Foods grocery stores represent the majority of Amazon’s physical retail presence by square footage, over the last few years Amazon has been running experiments in new smaller-format physical retail spaces. So far, those have taken the form of Amazon Go automated grocery stores, Amazon Books stores, and Amazon 4-star stores.

The TJI Amazon Physical Retail Map has been updated to include the new location.


Amazon Launches Private Label Milk & Dairy Products Under Happy Belly Brand

Continuing its expansion into private label beverages, Amazon has just launched its first non-Whole-Foods private label brand milk and dairy products.

The new items we are seeing appear to have just been quietly released under the Happy Belly brand, and are currently available only via AmazonFresh. The four milk items are all lactose free.

The new Happy Belly milk and dairy items are:

  • Happy Belly Lactose Free 1% Low Fat Milk
  • Happy Belly Lactose Free 2% Reduced Fat Milk
  • Happy Belly Lactose Free Whole Milk
  • Happy Belly Lactose Free Fat Free Milk
  • Happy Belly Half & Half
  • Happy Belly Heavy Whipping Cream, 16 Ounces
  • Happy Belly Dairy Whipped Topping, 6.5 Ounces
  • Happy Belly Dairy Whipped Topping, 13 Ounces

In terms of competitive positioning, Amazon says the following on product description pages:

  • “If you like Lactaid, we invite you to try Happy Belly”
  • “If you like Reddi Wip, we invite you to try Happy Belly”
  • “If you like Darigold half & half, we invite you to try Happy Belly”
  • “If you like Darigold whipping cream, we invite you to try Happy Belly”

This is not Amazon’s first private label dairy foray in the US. Back in October, we found that Amazon launched 24 varieties of private label cheese under its Happy Belly brand as well. However, it is the first time we’ve seen Amazon-owned brand milk launch aside from its Whole Foods private brands.

Amazon markets its Happy Belly brand in North America, Europe, and Asia. It has launched a number of beverage products under the brand in Japan in particular, including waters, teas, sports drinks, and “vitamin jellies.” We would not be surprised to see Amazon expand further into those categories in the US this year.

We’ll continue tracking Amazon’s private label efforts in food and beverage around the world here at TJI.